The Lumberjack Way Forward
The Lumberjack Way Forward
Vol. 17 Edition 1  |  August 11, 2020
NAU student practicing physical distancing while on campus.

President’s Message

Dear Families,
As we begin the 2020 school year, please accept my warmest greetings and welcome to all Lumberjack families. Your perseverance, patience, and determination over the past few months have brought much inspiration. We share your students’ excitement to resume classes or start their college experience.

In these complex and challenging times, we are committed to our educational mission and we are prioritizing a healthy living and learning environment that will allow our students to realize their aspirations at NAU.

This week, we have successfully begun our phased move-in to campus and we are having important conversations with our students about our shared responsibility to help all members of our community safe. We are sharing the changes students can expect this fall in a Welcome Back video that we’d like you to view, too.

Please continue to visit key websites for important information, particularly our Jacks are Back website at Encourage your students to share their commitment to the Lumberjack Way Forward. And, receive information directly on your mobile phone, by downloading the NAUgo app. For information, visit:

At NAU, we believe our students’ contributions, aspirations, commitment to scholarly work, discovery, and problem-solving are more important than ever. We are excited about the opportunities to engage in research and academic work, and the formation of new relationships with faculty, staff and students from around the world.

We look forward to a great semester.

Rita Hartung Cheng
NAU President

Important Contacts

Student Services Frequently Asked Questions

We reached out to our campus partners and asked them to share some frequently asked questions from NAU parents. From tutoring to financial aid, these FAQs will help you learn more about supporting your Lumberjack this fall.
NAU tutor working with NAU students via Zoom meeting.

Academic Success Center

What services does the Academic Success Centers provide?

The Academic Success Centers (ASCs) offer free academic support in a variety of formats. For more than 100 courses each semester, the ASCs provide one-on-one tutoring, Supplemental Instruction, and Peer Academic Coaching. Class content and learning strategies support is available. 42% of NAU students use the Academic Success Centers each semester.
How do I know what classes academic support is available for?
On the Academic Success Center website, students can “find their fit.” After pressing the “find your fit” button on the front page of the ASC website, students can type in the course they are looking for, and a list of all tutoring options available for that course will be generated. Supplemental Instruction (SI) leaders will announce their presence in class during the first week. The schedule of SI sessions is available on the SI Website. Finally, we are always happy to chat about personalized options over the phone, so feel free to call 928-523-5524.
How much do services at the ASCs cost?
ASC academic support services are free to currently enrolled NAU students! Missed appointmentsdo incur a fee. Students may schedule two appointments per class per week. Students can schedule appointments on our website at or by calling our front desk at 928-523-5524.
Campus Health
Campus Health Services (CHS) at NAU provides medical, counseling, and health promotion services to NAU students. CHS is a full-service professional primary care facility, providing high-quality, affordable, and accessible healthcare services and promoting a healthy lifestyle to our campus community. All NAU students are eligible to receive services at CHS.
Does NAU CHS accept my insurance?
Campus Health Services is a participating PPO provider with Blue Cross Blue Shield, Aetna, Cigna, United Healthcare, and TriCare Standard/Select. CHS will direct bill for services to these payers. We are not contracted with any state Medicaid plans or Medicare. CHS is not contracted with all insurance plans, so it is your responsibility to contact your insurance company to confirm coverage. If your student has an HMO plan or is attending NAU from another state, it is particularly important to verify coverage away from home.
What can you do if your student has no insurance?
NAU also offers two health plan options. Aetna Student Health Insurance Plan, is a major medical PPO plan which provides coverage at CHS, in the community, and away from Flagstaff. LouieCare is a discount plan which provides discounts only for specific services received at CHS. Please visit our website for more health services information and details on these two plans.
NAU student receiving career preparation help while following CDC physical distancing guidelines.
Career Development
As your student returns to school, be sure to encourage them to include career preparation as well. Career Development is ready to assist your Lumberjack along the way to becoming career ready.
What services does Career Development provide?
We are pleased to offer individual appointments for students looking for career exploration, resume, cover letter, or interview help. Our programming team also offers group workshops on a variety of topics to help students prepare for the 21st century workforce. 
How can my student find an on or off-campus job?
Student Employment is also available to help your student find an on or off-campus job either on NAU’s online recruiting platform, Handshake, or during Career Development’s first Virtual Part Time Job Fair on Friday, August 28from 12:00 pm – 4:00 pm. Handshake is also NAU’s one-stop-shop for finding internships and off-campus jobs.
Career Development is happy to help your student this Fall. Visit us via our website or give us a call at 928-523-1087. Let’s Career together!
Fraternity & Sorority Life
Welcome back ’Jacks! If your student is interested in becoming a member of a Greek organization, please review some common questions about our Greek community.
How will my student benefit from joining a fraternity or sorority?
Sororities and fraternities are rooted in founding principles that foster academic achievement, student involvement, community service, and life-long friendships. Fraternities and sororities are groups of people who come together to form a personal network of individuals with similar values, interests, and the mutual pursuit of a well-rounded college education. Advantages include:
  • A support group and scholastic resources to help students achieve their academic goals.
  • Leadership skills acquired through hands-on experience.
  • Encouragement to get involved and maximize their potential on campus.
  • Community service projects and philanthropy.
What are the costs associated with joining?
Each organization is self-supported through dues charged to all members. In the first semester, a few one-time expenses and initial payments are made. After the first semester, members are charged regular dues. A variety of payment plans are offered through all of our organizations. The cost goes to services that will positively impact your student.
How much time is needed to be involved in a Greek organization?
As a new member, your student can expect to attend weekly meetings, community service projects, sisterhood and brotherhood events, and social functions. These activities continue in the organization after your student's new member period is over. Your student's Greek experience will be what they make of it!
You can learn more about Fraternity and Sorority Life on our website
NAU students socializing outside of a residence hall respecting physical distancing guidelines..
Residential Life
How can my student be involved in their hall?
Residential students have the ability to participate in many different programs created by their hall staff. This includes their Resident Assistants, Residential College Ambassadors, and their hall’s community council. Students who are interested in leadership roles and want to help create programs in their hall can join their community council. Information about joining community council will be available after move-in. This is a great way to make new friends and to be active within the hall!
Who can my student contact if they have questions about University Housing & Residential Life?
The University Housing office is where your students can go for questions about their housing assignment and billing. The Residential Life office can help your student with questions regarding living in the halls. If you are not sure who to ask, either office is more than willing to point you in the right direction for any question or concern you may have.
Scholarships & Financial Aid
Welcome Back Jacks! The Office of Scholarships and Financial Aid is looking forward to the fall semester.
What is the financial aid disbursement for the Fall 2020 semester?
The first financial aid disbursement for this fall was August 2nd. Disbursement continues Monday through Friday evenings starting August 3rd. We encourage your students to be sure all “To-Do List” items are complete in LOUIE to avoid delays in disbursement and to check their NAU email if further action items are required. If your student is a tuition scholarship recipient, full-time enrollment (12 credits) is required for disbursement. Any third-party scholarship check funds are awarded in the order received, so keep an eye on your account.
How can I contact The Office of Scholarships and Financial Aid?
Our office is available Monday through Friday by phone at 928-523-4951 or email at Our website is a great resource as well; visit us at
NAU students wearing PPE and sporting the famous LJ's.
The Lumberjack Way Forward
In the face of the COVID-19 pandemic, Lumberjacks are dedicated to protecting their community. They consider not just their own well-being, but the well-being of the students, staff, faculty, and community members around them. We strongly encourage all Lumberjacks to make these commitments for a safer, healthier, and more unified NAU. In doing so, we can help slow the spread of COVID-19. Please encourage your student to join us in committing to the Lumberjack Way Forward
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