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November 6, 2020 | View past issues here

NEW Video Series Announced

Join Kevin Keller on a journey through BHS contest and judging history! Each episode of this 11-part video series is approximately one hour long, with new episodes releasing every few weeks over the coming months.

Kevin writes:
This series is a labor of love for me. As a result, these videos and materials will be free. I don't want anyone to not have access to this valuable historic information. If you have more to add to what I’ve shared, please contribute all along the way. This study is not exhaustive and the earlier years definitely have gaps in our knowledge. Below is a link to the first video about the early years. I hope you’ll join me along this journey. Enjoy!

From the BHS Blog:
What Does "Lifelong Singing" Really Mean?

As that great tag teaches us, “a lifetime’s not too long to live as friends”—especially in the company of barbershoppers. Why sing so long? Why serve so long?

Next to “hey, wanna sing?” probably the commonest phrase spoken by Barbershoppers everywhere is “I wish I’d found this 15, 20, 30, years earlier!” Once enchanted by harmony, one remains blissfully forever under its spell.

The Barbershop Harmony Society aims to offer that opportunity to young people everywhere, and the results speak for themselves. Hundreds of singers each year flock to Next Generation Barbershop contests and festivals, where they bask in thunderous ovations, laugh and sing with peers and folks three times their age, and step on paths of lifelong harmony leading… where?

As part of a continuing series expanding on themes from our 2019 Annual report, we’ve looked at young singers in their early years of success and exploration.

What lies at the far end of that journey? When we say “lifelong singers”— how long a life are we talking about?

Every BHS member has a unique story - and we want to hear yours! Share your barbershop origin story with us here.
#GivingTuesday is coming soon!
Stay tuned for 20 reasons to give in 2020.

How to Make a Virtual Quartet Video in 5 Easy Steps

There are loads of videos, blogs, and guides out there and it can be daunting to know where to start. Especially on a time and money budget. Below are a few options from simple apps to more complex software to open the creative landscape to make an awesome virtual quartet video.


This is the foundation to the success of your video. Knowing the who, what, when, where, and how each quartet member will act and sing in the video will make the rest of the process much easier to accomplish. Maybe you want to begin with each person entering into the video from the left, start with a soloist, or have the baritone add a 10 gallon hat in the second verse. Whatever your quartet chooses to do, make sure you document it so no one forgets those moments of pure genius.


A metronome, ‘click track’, or guide track is going to be needed to ensure the singers stay in time with one another. Choosing a song that does not include much tempo fluctuation can help minimize the guesswork and a metronome or ‘click track’ may be most beneficial and easiest to use to get a video together quickly.

NextGen Junior Quartet Challenge

The 2021 Virtual Junior Quartet Challenge offers a safe and free way for young singers to sharpen their close-harmony skills.

This FREE event is open to ALL quartets of any gender with members aged 18 + under. The quartet with the most Audience Favorite votes will have their video featured at the Barbershop Harmony Society Virtual Midwinter Show in January 2021!

The Quin-Tones and Singing Double will be doing private coaching sessions for quartets who enter the NextGen Junior Quartet Challenge. From the quartets: "This is not only a great way for young quartets to get some tips from us but it's also going to be amazing getting to meet all of the young and talented performers entering this challenge. We are so excited to hear all of you!" 

Submit your coaching request by December 1st.

In Memoriam

Join us in remembering Doug ‘Nic’ Nichol, Lead of The Ritz, who passed away earlier this week. Our thoughts are with his family, friends, and all the people in the barbershop community and beyond who were impacted by his music and legacy.

Close friend and quartet member Ben Ayling writes:
"Tonight I lost my best friend, Doug ‘Nic’ Nichol, who passed from this world and is missed by his family and many friends. A consummate musician and teacher, his influence on countless students and fans of his solo and quartet singing is immeasurable. As the lead in The Ritz, we shared a twenty-year journey together. Rest In Peace, my dear friend."

The Ritz
1990 International Convention

Inclusion in Barbershop Series 

Signature Quartet: Our Experience on the Road to Inclusion

Tuesday, November 17th
6:00pm Central (Webinar)
7:30pm Central (Q&A)

Join the Barbershop Harmony Society's 2019 International Quartet Champion, Signature, who will share their barbershop beginnings and major influencers, candid and vulnerable stories of exclusion in the barbershop community, and their ideas for a more inclusive Society. 

About the Inclusion in Barbershop Series

The Barbershop Harmony Society will be hosting panel discussions related to different topics of inclusion through our new Inclusion in Barbershop Series. We want to highlight the experiences, perspectives, and opinions from barbershoppers that create our beautiful community.


The BHS 2021 Virtual Midwinter Convention will be like nothing you’ve ever experienced before! This virtual event will capture your imagination and bring everything you love about Midwinter -- the connection, the camaraderie and the harmony -- into the safety of your own home.

Want to learn more? Here are a few ways to get the details!

Pick of the Week:
Unity Though Harmony Music Notes Tee

Designed by talented designer Jenni Sheets exclusively for Marketplace, these ice blue and espresso-colored shirts pay tribute to the BHS strategic vision of Everyone in Harmony.

Member Price $20

Yuletide Favorites, Vol. I

Now available in SSAA and SATB voicings!

This beloved 19-song collection of holiday classics in the barbershop style is now available for SSAA (high-voices) and SATB (mixed-voices).

Yuletide Sing-a-long

“Sing Along Tracks” also available for all three editions of Yuletide Vol. 1

Perfect for singing some old favorites on your own, practicing a new voice part, or learning them for the first time!

Hallmark of Harmony and Friends | Without A Song
British Association of Barbershop Singers

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