And PS: Happy holidays to you and yours!
And PS: Happy holidays to you and yours!


Can we just take a moment to send some virtual lovin' to Kool & the Gang for the best song ever? OK cool, moment over. Anyhoo, 2020 is almost over (Celebration!), so let's wax nostalgic and reminisce about our most read, shared and 😍-ed blog posts of the year:
#5: Apparently y'all wanted to know what holiday parties would look like this year, because LOL JK JK who's actually having a party?
#4 We have two words for you: Paige's hair. It did epic things during quarantine! We advise you to go to the blog for the pic, stay for the tips about online collabs. Then go back to that pic again, because it's the gift that keeps on giving. 
#3: We all need things to make us LOL. We think that's why "If Our Boss' Butchered Cliches Were Motivational Posters" trended this year. Don't contemplate your noodle, and revisit them today. 
#2: Awww, remember when we all wanted to learn how to effectively make the transition to working from home? Now you can teach a master class! (Maybe thanks just a wee bit to our post from waaaaaay back in March??)
And our #1 blog post of the year was called "2020 Vision," and it was a prediction of the cultural trends that would influence marketing in 2020. Oddly, there's nary a mention of mask-wearing or pandemics in the mix! We were so adorable in the beforetimes.
We Can End This Pandemic Together  
We know there are so many questions swirling around right now about the COVID-19 vaccine, and we're honored to be working with our client Immunize Nevada to help provide answers. Visit for FAQs, info about the distribution plan and videos by local doctors and scientists who provide insights from the front lines. 
We Nominate Bill Nye for 'Sexiest Man Alive'
There's not a lot everyone can agree on these days, but we're just going to step out on a limb and offer this universal truth: Bill Nye is a total bae. He has taken to TikTok this year to spread his "Science Guy" truthiness, and we're here for every one of his videos. Does anyone know if he's single? Asking for a certain VP of Strategy. 

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