Kennedy Pereira '22, Artist Study of
Titus Kaphar’s Seeing Through Time
Seeing Through Time by Titus Kaphar
"This was a very fun piece for me to dovery detailed and an amazing painting all together. I chose this artist because his work is quite remarkable and very different from what I have ever seen." -- Kennedy Pereira '22
Question of the Month—Answer
How many hours did it take students to create their Artist Studies, like the one pictured above?

b) 3–5
Students in both Art as a Practice classes had about 3 hours to work on their projects, though many spent more hours outside of class to complete them. 
In the November newsletter, we shared about how students selected a BIPOC artist that could represent the name of the art room on the new campus. They presented their artists to the trustees of the Marie Lamfrom Foundation, researched their artists further and taught their class about their findings, and then selected a piece of art from their artist's body of work to create a study of. In the art world, a study is a way artists practice close looking and skill building in the style of another artist they are inspired by. Some of our students created their artist studies as digital mosaics using Google Draw!
-- Tina McDermott
Art Teacher

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Evelyn Velez '23, Artist Study of Billie Zangewa’s
ma vie en rose
ma vie en rose by Billie Zangewa
"I picked Billie Zangewa because the moment I saw her art piece, I instantly made a connection. It reminded me of my mom and what it was like for her to raise me and my sisters. It brought back so many memories and it made me think about motherhood. The experience overall was amazing. It was an opportunity for me to find inner peace and focus on the small details...I'm very pleased with how my art piece turned out." -- Evelyn Velez '23
Yasmin Ambriz '22, Artist Study of
Charly Palmer’s For Them
For Them by Charly Palmer
I chose Charlie Palmer's work because he uses color and shapes to represent the Black community in a way that is unique and he does a beautiful job with it. For my work, it took me 3 hours to do, and I was satisfied with how it came out since it depicted Charlie Palmer's work so well. -- Yasmin Ambriz '22
Kiah Allen '23, Artist Study of Simón Silva’s Lavadores
Lavadores by Simón Silva
Ben Fitzgibbon '24, Artist Study of
Jordan Casteel’s Miles and Jojo
Miles and Jojo by Jordan Casteel
Gaby Flores '22, Artist Study of Brian Jungen’s
Prototype for New Understanding #16
Prototype for New Understanding #16 by Brian Jungen
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