I have always found a deep sense of comfort in the rhythms of nature.
I have always found a deep sense of comfort in the rhythms of nature.

TfT Bulletin #8  |   January 11, 2023

As I may have shared before, I have always found a deep sense of comfort in the rhythms of nature. Orderly rhythms speak to me of a loving God, in whom I can trust and abide.
Long-time Guideposts editor Van Varner must have sensed the same connection. His words below welcome the new year while celebrating our faithful God.
Heavenly Father,
At midnight,
When the old year dies,
And the new comes bounding in,
I draw strength from knowing
That in the next twelve months
The snows will go
The buds will burst
The heat will rise
The leaves will fly,
That all these things will happen
According to Your schedule
And in Your time;
That there is order in Your universe,
And that I am part of it.
As we enter this new year, my prayer is that you feel and know that you and your teaching are part of God’s order.

Save the Dates: Instructional Coaching Intensive 2023

We are delighted to announce that our next Instructional Coaching Intensive will be held Nov. 29 - Dec. 2 at Rehoboth Christian School in Gallup, New Mexico. In the past, we have highlighted Rehoboth’s exemplar work around their contextualized Throughlines that reflect the community they serve. We are intentionally timing the Intensive to align with Gallup’s annual Red Rock Balloon Rally, scheduling so we can participate in activities associated with this visually stunning event. We hope this announcement comes at the perfect time as you set 2023-24 calendars and budgets.
Coaching for Transformation
Some of our TfT schools also participate in Coaching for Transformation (CfT), a program developed and mirrored after TfT but geared for Christian school athletic programs. This fall, CfT participant Ivan Voss, golf coach at Sioux Falls Christian School, invited his players to provide a golf experience for the community at Washington Crossing, a senior living retirement community. This video of joy-filled community building may inspire other TfT schools to design similar formational experiences for their students and communities. To learn more about CfT, please reach out to Director Darin Keizer
Kids Corner: Kids in Action
In the past, we have highlighted the website Kids Corner as a source of information and activities that invite elementary students to explore God’s Story (See the Story). The Kids in Action section shares stories (via video) of K-12 students playing their part in God’s Story (Live the Story) by living out and embodying a Throughline way of being. A recent story features a 12th grade student from a TfT school playing her part in God’s story through her love for mechanics. If you would like to explore the possibility of celebrating and sharing the story of a student from your school via Kids Corner, reach out to Ron VandenBurg, Senior Producer of Children’s Ministry.
The TfT Tips Trio 
We are excited to introduce a new series to the Teaching for Transformation Bulletin: The TfT Tips Trio. In each Bulletin, TfT’s Director of Learning Amanda Albright will provide three ideas/resources that will support you in your ongoing work around the core and essential practices of TfT. Some tips will be new to you, and some will be helpful reminders of information you may have forgotten. Naturally, Amanda launches this series with Deep Hope.
Meeting Our School Designer Team: Nate Beede
Nate Beede loves that TfT is a framework that promotes wholeness and integration through learning. Experiencing transformation himself in life and learning has allowed him to invite, nurture, and empower others in their life’s expression. As Instructional Dean of Students, Nate embodies love of life and learning. He appreciates the richness, diversity, and shared practices of the deeper learning world and TfT’s unique place in it.  Nate shares a Storyboard/Storyline from Jenny Hartnett, chemistry teacher at Coastal Christian High School.