At Sea Education Association, we live by a simple code:  Ship. Shipmate. Self.  It's about teamwork, attending to others first, and serving something greater than oneself. 

We're thinking about our community during this time and hope SEA news, stories and scuttlebutt make this challenging time brighter.


Deckhand Hilary Ranson and Engineer Henry Cylkowski enjoy a quiet golden hour.

Update from the SSV Robert C. Seamans

As the SSV Robert C. Seamans approaches California after an epic voyage from New Zealand, with a brief stop in Hawai'i, Assistant Scientist Helen Dufel poses a question to herself.
"Self, after 55 days on board (most of them at sea) what could the crew possibly be talking about at this point?"

"I'm here to answer that question. We talk about the weather, the shapes we see in the clouds, the books we are reading, and spend hours musing over what might be for dinner. But when we aren't talking about the normal day to day, things can get pretty interesting."
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Woods Hole Welcomes Incoming PEP Class

Normally, at this time of the year, SEA’s campus would be welcoming the incoming class of college students enrolled in the Woods Hole Partnership Education Program, or PEP, for short. But this summer is different.  Instead of welcoming students in person last Monday afternoon, they received a warm welcome via Zoom!
"We knew PEP was too important to cancel this summer and so dozens of hands have been working to make a fun, educational and worthwhile summer experience for these students virtually," said PEP Advisor Onjalé Scott Price, PEP and SEA alumna, C-238.
Nearly 50 people attended the opening day presentation as the incoming class of 16 students introduced themselves and described their research interests.  You can meet the PEP 2020 class here.
Created by the Woods Hole Diversity Initiative and the Wood Hole Diversity Advisory Committee 12 years ago, PEP is a 10-week summer research program designed to promote diversity among the Woods Hole science community. 

In his opening remarks, Dr. Rob Thieler, chair of the Woods Hole Diversity Initiative and director of the US Geological Survey’s Woods Hole Coastal & Marine Science Center, noted that especially now, Woods Hole organizations have a unique platform to promote inclusion and diversity in the Woods Hole science and local community. Despite a challenging year in which most summer programs have been cancelled, he said it was felt that PEP was too important and must continue.

                                              A group playing soccer in the evening in front of the ship.  Photo by Mackenzie Meier.

PIPA Alumni Reconnect with Children of Kanton

When they visited the island of Kanton in the Phoenix Islands Protected Area (PIPA) two summers ago, SEA Semester students of Class S-281 quickly became friends with the schoolchildren there, playing frisbee and soccer after dinner, dancing, and taking pictures. Now Mackenzie Meier, S-281, and SEA Semester classmates have taken it upon themselves to reconnect with their friends on Kanton as "pen pals," exchanging e-mails, photos, and drawings.

Said Mackenzie: "Being able to keep in touch with the kids of Kanton has me consistently thinking about them. Apart from deepening our relationship, the effects of their curiosity, friendliness, and spirit are much longer lasting. I hope that they'll remember as they grow up that they met someone from the other side of the globe, and that the world is so big!  I hope this understanding inspires them to pursue big goals, as knowing them inspires me to do everyday,” she said.

Read more.

Update: SEA Launches New High School Program

For those high school students who are passionate about the ocean, Sea Education Association has launched an innovative remote learning program called SEA Quest

SEA Quest is an in-depth virtual exploration of critical marine conservation topics coupled with essential training in leadership and scientific skills. 

We’re offering two sessions, Ocean Biodiversity and Issues of Marine Debris, from (July 13 - 24), and Climate Change, Coral Reefs and the Ocean, from (July 27 - August 7).

SEA's Annual Fund supports student scholarships, opening the door to all students.
We never want the cost of our programs to hinder anyone from attending.  That's why we continue to ask for your support: we need to ensure that, each year, every student that wants to attend SEA, can.
And the best part?  You, as part of our community, are the ones who are making sure this happens.    With your help, SEA gave $1.4 million in scholarship aid last year. 
Your gift to Annual Fund is your voice, helping SEA commit to change, so that SEA can move forward, and grow.  We are speaking from the heart when we say that we cannot do this without you. 
Your giving priorities may have shifted to support the important work of COVID-19 relief and social justice organizations.  We are glad you are choosing to donate!
Just know that, if you would like to make a gift to SEA by June 30th, it will be matched, up to $145,000.  This is made possible by the SEA Trustees.
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*P.S. The CARES Act allows new tax deductions for nonprofit giving:
  • The bill makes a new deduction available – as much as $300 (individual)/$600 (filing jointly) in annual charitable contributions for those who don’t itemize.
  • For those who itemize, the charitable deduction is increased. Donors can now deduct 100% of their 2020 donations to public charities, like SEA, from their AGI, except through Donor Advised Funds.
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