May 2021 newsletter
May 2021 newsletter
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May 2021

Climbing to De La Salle
What will it be like to walk onto the new campus of De La Salle North Catholic?
My first time on DLSNC’s original campus was late summer in 2000, a year before opening. I was there with a host of colleagues from La Salle High School to weed, plant flowers, scrape walls, and paint classrooms of a decades-old, concrete block structure that was to become DLSNC,  “The School That Works” and has a really long name. 
One year later, there were 78 freshmen in the Class of 2005 taking English, Religious Studies, Civics, Algebra I, Integrated Science, and Spanish. The first lab included a hose from an outside spigot, run through a window, and connected to a basin attached to a demonstration table. Classes 2005, 2006, and 2007 graduated from that original building.
In fall 2007, DLSNC opened at the Kenton site. We had to climb stairs to reach the front door, and--once inside--keep climbing, two more flights, just to stand on the first floor. 
Over the intervening years, DLSNC built a strong reputation as a college preparatory school that provides its students with an extraordinary opportunity to network with Portland businesses.The professional staff in classrooms, in the Corporate Work Study Program, and throughout the organization were delivering on an empowering, uphill promise. Classes 2008 through 2020 graduated from the Kenton site. In a few weeks, the Class of 2021 will join them, the last cohort from our current campus.
Come fall, our students and staff will walk up the front steps and onto the new campus on NE Killingsworth. If there's one thing we've all learned from going to De La Salle, it's how to climb.
Live, Jesus, in our hearts . . . forever!
Tim Joy
Principal, 2010-2021
Left: A'Chy'Gei Motley (valedictorian); Right: Rowan-Skylar Chavez McCormack (salutatorian)
Left: Max Pettit (salutatorian); Right: Hedid Rojas-Salinas (valedictorian)
"Virtually The Best Class Ever" Class of 2021 Nears Graduation
It's been quite an unusual journey, but the Class of 2021 has shown incredible resilience and is fast approaching graduation day on June 5. DLSNC is exceptionally proud to recognize the outstanding work of this year's two valedictorians and two salutatorians:
A’Chy’Gei Motley, Howard University (Washington, D.C.)
Hedid Rojas-Salinas, Vanderbilt University (TN)
Rowan-Skylar Chavez McCormack, Portland State University (OR)
Max Pettit, University of Portland (OR)
Click here to learn about the myriad of scholarships earned by the Class of 2021. 
DLSNC's cherished college counselor, Barbara Ward, shared the following sentiments with the graduating class: "Well, you did it! Be proud of yourselves and be proud of your great accomplishments. It was just over three years ago that you were wide-eyed freshmen ready to set out on the journey that is high school. Whether you were into sports, magic club, chess club, or part of LYM, you found your way and have arrived at the end of the chapter. Never in your wildest dreams could you have imagined a year like this one, but you have made it through! In two weeks you will be walking across the stage to be handed your diploma, but rest assured, it won't be your last. De La Salle students are achievers in higher education and every diploma, including the one you'll receive on June 5, will be awarded to you because you earned it with hard work, dedication, and resilience. Remember that. Never forget that. So, as this chapter concludes, I congratulate you. You have set yourself apart. You've done it. Smile. Walk tall. Cry a little. Elbow bump. And then…on to the next first page."   
We hope you enjoy this inspiring video of our Cap and Gown Delivery to the Class of 2021. Go Knights!
Nike Innovation Team
Ever wondered what it is like to be part of the cutting-edge product-creation process at Nike? Well, DLSNC students got a front-row seat to Innovation and Nike this year as part of the Nike Winter Hours program. DLSNC’s Winter Hours team – the Rose City Knights – have been meeting weekly since January with our coach, Adam Kohn, a Chemical Engineer for Nike, to create their final innovation prototype to pitch to Senior Innovation Leaders on May 28. Wish them luck on their inspiring journey!  
The Rose City Knights are comprised of Class of 2022 members Maddie DeMayo, Angel Flores Ramirez, Natnael Girmai, Imani McRae, Anthony Nguyen, and Ruth Tsegaye.
Winter Hours is a program of the Nike Innovation Team that provides dedicated time and cross-departmental collaboration for a potential new product. This year, for the first time, they invited high school students to participate in this process. DLSNC, along with four other Cristo Rey Network schools, are part of the first class of innovation teams to learn what it is like to pitch a big idea to the decision-makers at Nike. 
-- Tina McDermott, Art Teacher & Innovation Team Co-Coach
Track Ends With a Bang While Basketball Starts With High Hopes
At the district track meet, held at Clatskanie High School on May 14 and 15, sisters Hailey and Mia Rhodes came in first and second respectively in both the 100-meter dash and the 200-meter dash races. Senior Janaé Boyd won the league championship in the shot put. For the men, senior Evan Felix won the 200-meter dash, and freshman Rosvin Russell took second in the high jump event.
The DLSNC track team sent eight participants to the state championship meet at Harrisburg High School on May 18, where Hailey Rhodes took fourth in the 100-meter dash and third in the 200-meter dash. Evan Felix took ninth in the 200-meter dash and 10th in the 100-meter dash. Janaé Boyd took ninth in the shot put and Rosvin Russell took eighth in the high jump, the only underclassman to take the podium.
Men's and women's basketball started in May and will play their first contests with hopes of winning league titles. The men's team returns senior starting players, Ubedei McGautha and Sakari Haynes. The women's team returns senior point guard and Lewis & Clark League player of the year, Chevelle Boyd.
-- Quincy Chance, Athletic Director
Progress Continues on Construction of New School Building
Last week we were thrilled to announce the naming of the Michael Kelley Gymnasium. We are so proud to be able to recognize the service to our mission by this great individual. The Kelley family shared their thoughts on what this new gymnasium means to them in this video.
The new campus continues to come to life as construction progresses. Classroom walls have been painted, Science Lab lighting has been installed, and the Courtyard is taking shape to welcome DLSNC students next year.
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Question of the Month
In lieu of in-person Founder’s Day service on May 7, DLSNC students, faculty and staff had virtual service- learning opportunities at which of the following nonprofit organizations?
a) Oregon Community Foundation, The Rebuilding Center, Portland Audubon
b) Community of Hope, Raphael House of Portland, JOIN PDX
c) Hacienda CDC, Friends of Baltimore Woods
d) All of the above
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