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  May 2022  
Press Release

Sommer Smith at Moundridge Communications Network


Moundridge Communications Network Acquired by Nex-Tech

Moundridge, Kan., April 15, 2022 — The Weelborg and Smith families are pleased to announce that they have reach an agreement to sell Moundridge Communications Network, a broadband and telephone service provider to Nex-Tech. Moundridge Communications network was founded in 1904 and is one of the oldest operating telephone companies in Kansas. The company provides Internet and telephone services to customers in the Kansas communities of Moundridge and Goessel. Family-owned and operated, the Weelborg and Smith families have owned the company since 2016.

"We have worked with Nex-Tech for many years so when we decided to sell the company, we reached out to Jimmy and the Management team," explained Harry Weelborg, CEO and President of Moundridge Communications Network. "This has been a family-owned company, and we want to ensure the customers are taken care of and that the new owner will continue to grow the company and invest in technology; Nex-Tech has this same vision."

Through this acquisition, new business technologies including Cloud Phone, Managed IT, Security and Surveillance, hardware and software, and backup services will be available to Moundridge customers and customers in the surrounding areas.

The Moundridge Communications Network local office will remain in Moundridge to provide local support to customers.

"As we set our strategic growth plans, Nex-Tech considers acquisitions as a great opportunity to expand our footprint by continuing our longstanding commitment to deploy leading-edge technology in the communities we serve, offering advanced services to homes and businesses," said Nex-Tech CEO and General Manager Jimmy Todd. "As a cooperative-based company, Nex-Tech believes in providing high-level customer service and being a strong community partner, much like customers have been accustomed to with the Weelborg and Smith families as owners of the company," continued Todd.

The companies expect the transaction to be concluded by July 2022, subject to state and federal regulatory approval.

About Moundridge Communications Network
Moundridge Communications Network is a family-owned and operated, leading-edge telecommunications company founded in 1904. With services in Moundridge and Goessel, Moundridge is committed to bringing customers the fastest Internet and best business technology to ensure growth for the next 100 years.

About Nex-Tech
Nex-Tech connects thousands of people and businesses through a robust broadband network with cutting-edge technology. Nex-Tech's powerful network architectures, including fiber-to-the-premise (FTTP) and fiber-to-wireless (FTTW) technologies, deliver leading-edge enterprise solutions to clients nationwide including a 24x7x365 Network Operations Center (NOC), CALEA compliance, enterprise cloud services, security, managed IT and advertising solutions. Headquartered in Lenora, Kansas, Nex-Tech is 70 years into providing exceptional service to business and residential customers.
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Moundridge Communications/Moundridge Telephone
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