Spring Brings Baby Veggies
Spring Brings Baby Veggies
Ingardia Bros. is proud to carry a beautiful seasonal array of baby produce! This week, we're showcasing some of our favorites, from petite and sweet baby beets to our a variety of baby lettuces. Looking for something even smaller? Ask your sales representative for our list of micro varieties! 
Baby Beets with Tops
These savory gems are available in a variety of colors. Baby beets are highly nutritious and provide an excellent source of magnesium, potassium, iron, and more! Each of the below options comes in a case of 24 with tops on.
Candy Striped Beets 
Gold Beets 
Red Beets  
Assorted Beets
Baby Bok Choy 
Baby bok choy is the name given to smaller heads of bok choy, which are also more tender than their larger counterparts. This young Chinese cabbage has short stems that are sweet and crunchy with deep green spinach-like leaves.
Baby Bok Choy | 10lbs 
Baby Carrots
Our baby carrots have a great crunch and sweetness that make them wonderful when pickled or eaten raw. Our varieties come with their green tops still attached, giving them visual appeal on the plate. Highly versatile, they can be steamed, roasted, broiled, grilled, or baked. The best part is, they require no peeling! 
Baby Carrots w/ Tops 
Baby Assorted Carrots w/ Tops 
Thumbelina Carrots w/ Tops
Baby Lettuces
Ingardia Bros. proudly carries a wide variety of baby lettuces. We carry everything from baby green oak lettuce to baby red romaine. For a full list of our baby lettuces, please contact your sales representative for varieties and pricing. Some of our most popular baby lettuce varieties include: 
Assorted Baby Lettuces | 2lb case
 Green Oak Lettuce | 2lb case
Green Little Gem | 24ct
Red Little Gem | 24ct
Lolla Rossa | 2lb case
Red Oak | 2lb case
Baby Romaine Green | 2lb case
Baby Romaine Red | 2lb case
Baby Tango | 2lb case
Baby Sunburst Squash
These beautiful baby sunburst squash are a quintessential spring/summer ingredient. Their unique shape and scalloped ridges, vibrant golden color, and subtle buttery flavor help signify the start of sunny seasons.
Baby Sunburst Squash | 10lbs 
Baby Zucchini
Baby zucchini can be paired and used in the same dishes as baby sunburst squash. Their differences in color and shape create contrast on the plate. However, their flavor profile differs as baby zucchini has a slightly peppery flavor with subtle grassy undertones.
Baby Zucchini | 10lbs 
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Ingardia Bros. Produce, Inc. carries a wide variety of baby and petite produce. When placing your next order, be sure to ask your sales representative about our other small offerings. To place your order, please contact your sales representative.
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