Updates on Art, Music, PE and Health from the 1st Quarter
Updates on Art, Music, PE and Health from the 1st Quarter
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An update on the 1st Quarter from
Ms. Flores (Art), Ms. Heo (Music) and Mr. Enright (P.E./Health)

P.E./Health ~ Mr. Enright

Over the course of 4 weeks at the start of the school year, our students participated in a number of fitness related activities.  They were able to perform activities related to cardiovascular fitness, muscular strength, and flexibility. Towards the end of the unit there was an American Ninja Warrior style obstacle course set up for the students to challenge their overall fitness levels.
Currently, our students are practicing their football skills.  With an emphasis on throwing and catching the football, my hope is to get them ready for some backyard football on Thanksgiving!
Our elementary students have been practicing their movement skills.  They have been learning to move through space in different ways and without invading each other’s space.  
The start of a new year in health always brings a review of good hygiene habits.  Our students have been learning about the importance of showering regularly, clean clothes, and healthy dental care.  We have also focused on getting the right amount of sleep and how screen time before bed is not a good idea.  
Final Mile
Our middle school students completed 12 miles of running over the course of six weeks.  We then went to Rentschler Field in East Hartford to complete the final 1.1 miles of a half marathon! Our students ran with 2000 other middle school students from around Connecticut and received finisher medals at the end.
If you have any questions, please contact Mr. Enright at menright@ie-academy.org.

Art ~ Ms. Flores

Our Elementary students are exploring many new things. We started by painting leaves and gluing them onto traced shapes. They made imaginary pets out of model magic. They made stand up dinosaurs out of stiff paper as they learned about Alexander Calder. As these students are learning about dinosaurs in Mrs Williams class, we made dinosaurs using stick-its. Students looked at dinosaur cards and selected one they wanted to make. We looked at how tall or long the dinosaur is and if it walked on two or four legs. As it turned out all their dinosaurs are plant eaters. In our last class students used watercolors to paint an environment the dinosaurs would have lived in. The looked at references of pre-historic plants to put into their artwork. They will be finishing up next class when they put their 3D dinosaurs into their environments.
Middle School
Students used the Elements of Art to design repeating letter designs with their initials. They had choices of oil pastels, water colors, markers and crayons to color. Students also have the freedom to mix and combine any of their choices. The end result yielded many unique works of art that were personalized.
Our students are currently learning about artist, Jen Stark, a young artist who makes beautiful artwork from construction paper. She started to get famous when her blog got noticed and people started sharing her web page. She is now internationally famous. Students are learning about positive and negative space. The are taking a rectangular geometric shape and cutting out an organic shape. Students are layering their sheets of foam and building them out to develop artwork that will rise off the wall. Even though Jen Stark's artwork is very contemporary, the type of art work is bas relief which ancient civilizations such as the Egyptians used when they carved out their hieroglyphics.
High School
Our students decided to work on two different art projects. One chose to work on plaster gauze masks. First they watched videos about masks around the world and how they are used. Next students drew their concept of their personal mask. They constructed, painted and personally embellished their masks. Finally they wrote a paragraph about their masks.
The second group of students discovered 3D construction by designing haunted houses. Students used i Pads to research their projects to get ideas. They painted and added personal details.
Most High School students know how mix secondary colors from primary colors. As a result students not only know what color they want they also know how to make that color.
All students are learning about the Elements of Design and are being introduced to the Principles of Design this year.
If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact Ms. Flores at mflores@ie-academy.org.

Music ~ Ms. Heo

The students explored different pitches & sounds with the boomwhackers, a singing bowl and various orff instruments. They have learned two basic note values while they sing African Noel. They have added percussions (steel drum, bells and claves) to Jamaican Noel. While they keep a steady beat, they add movements to In the Spirit. They sing the songs by heart.
Middle School
They have learned how to play the keyboard. The hand/body postures, basic note(rest) values, keeping a steady beat and fingering have been discussed in the class. The students are evaluated every month. The keyboard Karate is a method of advancing on the keyboard through individual goal-setting and testing. They had a white belt test for Amazing Grace and a yellow belt test for Alouette. It is my pleasure to report that all students who came to the class regularly passed the belt tests. 
High School
The students have learned music from different countries. Through this world music connection class, the students will  describe the various ways how music from different countries enhances our lives by listening, discussion and performing. They understand the differences among the cultures and respect them. The teacher has introduced music from Korea, Australia and Ghana so far.  The students are asked to research about a country. All students have chosen a country. Their projects have been assessed based on the teacher-made rubric. It includes country, genre of music, using technology, fun facts, teaching an activity from the country. They have started to present their researches. 
Music Club
The select students have practiced their solo parts and instruments for the Veteran’s Day and Winter Show. 
Saxophone/Keyboard classes
Some students interested in learning an instrument have taken either saxophone or keyboard lessons during their study halls.
All grades
The students sang along with the guests, the select students sang the national anthem and two great instrumentalists played an instrument for the Veteran’s Day. In addition, the students have practiced songs for the Winter Show.
If you have any questions, please contact Ms. Heo at kheo@ie-academy.org
Our 2nd Quater Update will be coming soon!
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