Plus, Harry Potter in the Classroom, Alumna's Mission to Mars and more
Plus, Harry Potter in the Classroom, Alumna's Mission to Mars and more
Columbian College

March 2021

Richard Grinker
In his acclaimed book, Anthropology’s Roy Richard Grinker draws on his personal history— from his daughter’s autism to his grandfather’s analysis with Sigmund Freud—to challenge mental illness stigma.
Pamela Conrad
A 20-year veteran of space explorations, scientist and multiple alumna Pamela Conrad launched her second Mars rover as part of the team that guided NASA’s Perseverance to the red planet in a search for signs of past life.
Two people sitting on a bench among a field of small white flags
CCAS Anthropology researchers teamed with a Washington, D.C., artist to digitize a popular COVID-19 memorial. The public art installation erected thousands of white flags near the U.S. Capitol to commemorate individual lives lost during the pandemic.
Kamala Harris
A panel of Black women journalists discussed how Vice President Kamala Harris is changing news, politics and the perception of powerful women of color during an SMPA Black Heritage event.
Julian Wamble
Can Harry Potter’s wizarding world conjure modern lessons on politics and society? In his Political Science seminar, Julian Wamble takes students down a rabbit hole of sorcerers and scholars.
Semret Seyoum and Miles Ahleah
Semret Seyoum (above left) and Miles Ahleah (right) are among five CCAS PhD students who will be inducted in the Edward Alexander Bouchet Graduate Honor Society, which honors diversity and excellence in doctoral education.
Jose Andres and Tara Scully on a zoom call
Renowned chef and activist José Andrés (top, speaking with Biology’s Tara Scully) shared environmental justice strategies during the Sustainability Summit, a virtual event that examined the GW’s sustainability goals and accomplishments.
Photo of a cloth book with the first page embroidered with the words
Using fabrics from cloths to bedsheets, fine arts and art history student Julia Matsumoto created an embroidered book that captures how a comforting sense of touch was lost during the pandemic.


Christopher Cahill (Chemistry) is part of the Nuclear Science and Security Consortium that received a $25 million grant from the Department of Energy for research and development in nuclear science, engineering and security.
UNESCO designated the Eleanor Roosevelt Papers Project an official part of its public history programming rollout for Women's History Month. The project is part of UNESCO's Memory of the World registry.
Douglas Boyce (Music) released his second solo album, a collection of chamber music titled The Hunt by Night. Selections from the album were featured on Spotify by the American Society of Composers,  Authors and Publishers.
Diane Cline (History) won the National Archives 2021 Citizen Archivist Award for her course National Archives in Digital History.
John Lill and Zoe Getman-Pickering (Biology) launched the website "Friends to Cicadas" to educate local students about the upcoming emergence of periodical cicadas. 

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