In this issue: Choosing a divorce attorney; Is your spouse hiding money?
In this issue: Choosing a divorce attorney; Is your spouse hiding money?
Founder of Guide To Good Divorce, Trey Yates, Texas board certified family law attorney, 2016 Texas Super Lawyer
Trey Yates

Choosing the best divorce attorney for you
If you are preparing to get a divorce, or just considering it, it is a good idea to begin by  finding the right attorney for you. Divorce is a big step. It is an intense emotional and psychological experience, but it is also a legal process and in fact, it is a lawsuit. You need to arm yourself with knowledge in order to make the most informed decisions. The settlement you secure is likely to impact your life for many years to come. 
Set out to carefully select an attorney who has the right skills, knowledge, experience and personal qualities that fit your case and your philosophy. By carefully selecting someone you can trust and someone who will protect your legal interests, you will be better prepared to focus on yourself and your family during this difficult time. (Read more)
After 13 years of trying to make her marriage work, Pam realized she needed to get a divorce and move on.
In the above video, Pam tells her story of deciding to seek divorce and create a team of experts to help her reache her goals to begin again.
Guide to Good Divorce Seminars
For seven years, the Guide to Good Divorce program has helped hundreds of women facing divorce. Through quarterly seminars, women at all stages of the divorce process have gained insights and knowledge from experts on divorce law in Texas, divorce financial planning, self-care and wellness. 
Patricia Barrett, Certified Financial Planner, Certified Divorce Financial Analyst
Patricia Barrett  CFP, CDFA
Is your spouse hiding assets, income or debt?

If you are currently considering divorce, you may be wondering if your spouse could be hiding assets, income or debts from you. Sadly, your fears are not that unusual. In fact, financial mischief is fairly widespread among couples today, even if they are not in the process of divorce. 
According to a study conducted by The National Endowment for Financial Education (NEFE), 31 percent of individuals who combined finances with their significant other have been deceptive with their spouse/partner about money. 
And of those who were deceptive:
58 percent said they hid cash from their partner/spouse

54 percent hid a minor purchase from their partner/spouse

34 percent said they lied about finances, debt, money earned

(Read more) 
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When couples begin the divorce process, it is common for them to feel overwhelmed, confused, lost in legal system jargon, and headed for an unknown destination seemingly out of their control. That is a difficult spot to be in for most competent adults who are accustomed to making their own decisions and dictating their own lives. This manual is published by the American Bar Association Section of Family Law and was written to help those going through divorce to better understand what to expect from the process. Because each participant in a divorce must be fully awake and actively engaged, this manual is designed to enhance the lawyer-client relationship. For additional free information on navigating divorce, visit


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Guide to Good Divorce Founder Trey Yates selected 2018 Texas Super Lawyer
For the third consecutive year, Guide to Good Divorce founder, Trey Yates, was selected to the 2018 Texas Super Lawyers list.
Each year, no more than five percent of the lawyers in each state are selected  to receive this honor. 

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