Not read the ATMIA European Newsletter recently? Spare 5 minutes now...
Not read the ATMIA European Newsletter recently? Spare 5 minutes now...
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Dear Members,
What a GREAT September that was, highlighted by ATM & Payments Security, the 17th consecutive marvellously successful Security Event staged in London by ATMIA.
Our first guest Keynote Speaker was Henk Esselink from the European Central Bank, who gave a brilliantly engaging presentation about all things cash. The packed auditorium hung on every word!
The quality of Henk's presentation set a standard which was maintained over the course of two wonderful days. All who attended were unanimous in their praise for an unsurpassable event.
Henk Esselink
The next ATMIA Security Event will be staged in June 2018 in London. Don't miss it! Contact Mary Lawrence at for more details.
Moving on, such is the growth of the ATMIA in Europe that every month I have the privilege of welcoming new members in our Region. This month we have Banking Association of Central & Eastern Europe and Patronus Systems. There will be more news on these new members in a later edition.
Now a word on innovation. We at ATMIA always support more innovation in our industry. For example, in the UK currently we are asking all Card Issuing LINK Members to sign up for the Universal Cash Deposit Transaction. This wonderful yet practical innovation will allow cardholders with bank accounts to deposit cash at ANY enabled ATM in the UK, rather than having to search for a branch or ATM of their own bank. With only 8000 bank branches in the UK but 70,000 ATMs, this innovation makes perfect sense.
Finally, if you would like a story about your company to feature in an edition of our European newsletter, please send the material to myself at and Jo Ryan, my co-editor, at An ideal package is 250 words, plus either a photograph or logo (supplied as a separate .jpg or .png file), along with your website address.
Best wishes,
Ron Delnevo, Executive Director, ATMIA Europe
+44 (0) 7973210154
Twitter: @Europe

NEWS - The OSPAs for Security Excellence

Time to inform you about the OSPAs - The Outstanding Security Performance Awards, which operate in 8 countries and are spreading around the world. They are the first global security awards ( The second UK awards are now open for entries in 16 different categories, many of these will be of interest to ATMIA members ( Entries close on 13 November.
At our 17th annual security event in London last month, UK criminologist Professor Martin Gill introduced the idea of security excellence and he is heavily involved in these OSPAs. ATMIA would like to promote these awards to our members so you can enter in your country!
ATMIA will also be introducing a new international ATM security award to be presented at our annual ATM conference - watch this space because you could become a winner!

NEWS - Bank of England confirm that cash is still hugely popular in the UK

So much for the cashless society! Number using it has gone up with 2.7million families mostly using paper money for purchases.
Click here for the full article by James Burton, Banking Correspondent for the Daily Mail...
Published: 00:53, 6 October 2017 | Updated: 01:13, 6 October 2017
The demise of cash has been greatly exaggerated and families still rely on it every day, the Bank of England’s chief cashier has said.
Victoria Cleland, whose signature is on every banknote issued by the Old Lady, said that the common notion paper money was dying was mistaken.
‘Cash is not in decline,’ she said.
The end of notes has been predicted for decades, first with the rise of bank cards and now the internet revolution.
Miss Cleland said that further fuel had been added to the fire by the surging use of contactless cards, which tripled to 7 per cent of all payments in 2016.
But she insisted that demand for old fashioned money was also growing fast.
Bank notes in circulation last year jumped 10 per cent, the fastest growth in a decade, hitting more than £70billion as Christmas neared.
Cash, she said, accounted for 40 per cent of all payments, and a survey by Dutch bank ING found 79 per cent of UK consumers said they would never go completely cashless.
Miss Cleland believes the ease of using it and the fact it never stops working are two key answers to the continued popularity of paper.
‘For consumers, a key benefit of cash is its tangibility. It can be a useful budgeting tool, and it is a quick and easy payment method which works even when, for example, card terminals do not,’ she said.
The top central banker added that 2.7million British people rely almost entirely on cash when making payments, a figure which has risen by 500,000 in the past two years.
She also argued that retailers like proper money because it is cheap to accept, in contrast to the expensive transaction fees they can face from some cards.
The Bank of England launched a new £10 note last month, printed on plastic rather than paper to be more hard-wearing.
The money, along with a new £5, outraged vegans and some religious groups after it emerged that it contained trace amounts of animal fat.
A new £20 is due to enter circulation in 2020.
The Royal Mint, which is responsible for coins, issued a new 12-sided £1 in March this year. 

Food for Thought?

In Vietnam, some people seem to make a meal of visiting their local ATM.
Using your noodle to make queuing more fun?


Market Intelligence Library

The Market Intelligence Library contains hundreds of items for your information and inspiration. It includes research covering the Cash and ATM market, plus other items related to our industry’s involvement in payments and self-service. We have a great mix of content - statistics; news articles; national policies; regulations; technical advice; industry history; possible futures.
The Library continues to grow every month, increasing in breadth of content and also in numbers. Security, GDPR, Customer Service, Blockchain, PSD2, Open Banking, Big Data, Challenger Banks and Branch Transformation have been recent key topics. 
September saw the addition of many pieces on Open banking, Customer experience, Customer service, Branch transformation and PSD2. There will be more on PSD2 over the next few weeks as national regulations are finalised.

      The Cash Repository

      The Cash Repository is your source for a wide range of current data and information about the global role of cash in society, from a variety of sources.
      Find more resources including reports, articles, white papers, position papers, infographics, videos, links and presentations at

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      The Sunday Times, 27th August 2017

      Money section, page 12. Circulation: 765,884.
      The Sunday Times, 27th August 2017
      Free choice selects cash!

      The ATMIA engaged WithPR to work on Advocacy in Europe in the time leading up to the European events in June

      The results were, quite honestly, truly excellent. A full report on coverage can be found here.

      On June 27, Ron Delnevo appeared on the BBC, both TV & radio 

      Watch the BBC interview, which includes significant coverage from ATM & Cash Innovation 2017 and a wide-ranging interview about ATM Innovation.  
      Ron Delnevo on BBC World News
      Ron Delnevo on BBC World News

      The Future of the LINK ATM Network - and Cash - in the UK

      Ron Delnevo, joined by Victoria Cleland of the Bank of England, speaks with Eddie Mair on the BBC Radio 4 PM Programme, about all things ATMs & cash.
      You can hear the whole discussion here.

      Supporting LINK in the UK

      Potential changes to LINK interchange has been a hot topic this year.
      LINK is under threat if there are arbitrary reductions in interchange payments. Such reductions and related factors could see up to 1/3rd of all Free-To-Use ATMs, operated by both banks and independent deployers, disappear. This in turn could see the public’s convenient access to cash severely damaged and, of course, undermine financial inclusion. Millions of UK Citizens solely use cash to manage and budget their finances. They cannot have their ability to use cash undermined.
      ATMs disappearing wouldn't just impact individuals. The economic success of entire communities would be put at risk, with local residents and businesses withering as the cash that currently helps them flourish disappears from circulation.
      Partly, no doubt, as a result of the heightened general awareness and concern in relation to the issues involved, the LINK Network Members Council, which comprises all members of LINK, has set up a Working Group to consider the future of interchange.
      Now, in October, it seems the threat to the future of LINK has significantly receded. The ATMIA will remain vigilant, until that threat disappears completely.

      Supporting Payment Choice in Sweden, Denmark and Norway

      We await the decision of the Swedish Government as to how it will act to ensure convenient access to cash is improved, across the nation. It seems likely that off-branch cash deposit and recycling ATMs will be a big part of the solution.
      Denmark is also a country in which the ATMIA is taking a keen interest. The good news is that it remains obligatory for retailers to accept cash. Long may that continue.
      The ATMIA is now engaging with the authorities in Norway on the subject of convenient and secure access to cash for all Norwegians. The first meeting with the Norwegian Central Bank was very productive. More such meetings will take place in 2017.
      We are, however, very concerned about developments such as the only way to now pay for a bus fare in Norway is via a SmartPhone. This is very disappointing in a country which prides itself on being inclusive. Many in Norway could be excluded from bus use because they do not have SmartPhones or do not choose to use them for this purpose.
      Further, there are moves afoot in Norway to allow 24 hour businesses to refuse to accept cash. Security is the excuse, but why can shops in the UK and US offer 24 hour cash acceptance and not those in Norway? Surely, Norway is no more dangerous than the UK and US?
      Also, in Finland, some vested interests are trying to rush the country towards the choice-poor "cashless society" status. You can read more here.
      New payment platforms are excellent BUT they should be adding to choice for everyone, not used to try to eliminate existing well-established and popular payment methods.
      Returning to Sweden, the ATMIA will be working with the pro cash movement throughout 2017 and 2018. 
      If you are interested in this important subject, please contact Ron Delnevo at Ron will be delighted to welcome you to the Payment Choice 2020 Committee.
      Interesting reading on this topic:
      An article from ‘Security User Sverige’ on the fight to maintain cash, written by Anders Ellqvist, 15 March 2016. Also, an English translation of 'Cards on the Table', a hugely insightful pamphlet produced by supporters of cash and payment choice in Sweden.


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