Deal Spotlight - November 2021
Deal Spotlight - November 2021
The Deal Spotlight | November 2021
Auspex Capital Facilitates the Sale of Restaurants and Underlying Properties for J&D Management 
J&D Management Corporation and Palm Springs Chicken Take-Out, Inc. (collectively, “J&D”), is a Hialeah, Florida-based Kentucky Fried Chicken (“KFC”) and Taco Bell (“TB”) franchisee, owned and operated by long-time industry veteran, Dan Yagoda.  J&D has sold two KFC restaurants, one co-branded KFC and Taco Bell (“KT”) restaurant, and two properties underlying the restaurants to KBP Foods. KBP Foods, through various affiliated operating companies, currently owns and operates over 800 stores across 48 states.  Auspex Capital acted as the sell-side M&A advisor to J&D for the transaction.
Dan Yagoda, an Auspex client for more than 10 years, had the following to say about Auspex’s services:
"The Auspex Team has exceeded my expectations.  You have always been a wonderful resource and advisor to me, and in turn, my family. You have been a partner in good times and bad.  The deal is all I could hope for and more."

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