February Newsletter
February Newsletter
volleyball, megalodons, and jellyfish
It was a fast and fun filled President's Day weekend.  We traveled to Utah for our daughter's volleyball tournament (that's Izzy in black 13 going up for the hit).  We also visited with family, caught up with old friends, and went to the Living Planet Aquarium.  Life can be busy and overwhelming, but in the end it comes down to this: spending time with family and friends.  I love that our job is to help people achieve this same goal. Whether it be through living benefits, disability, long-term care, life insurance, or annuities, it is all done with our loved ones in mind.  
Check out the rest of our newsletter for more on the industry. Look for quick one-page sales ideas under new west shorts.  You can always go to our website for the latest carrier information (updated every week) under Product News & Updates.   
Melissa Church
Director of Marketing
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Index Lock Helps Manage Volatility (average 10.8%)
77% of Americans expect the market will remain volatile this year – a great opportunity for clients to benefit from Index Lock, available with select index allocations for our fixed index universal life (FIUL) insurance clients. And with Auto Lock, index values can be locked in automatically without daily tracking of markets.
More about Index Lock and Auto Lock
American General
Bridging The Social Security Income Gap
Use our new Social Security infographics to spark retirement planning conversations with your clients. Open their eyes to the realities of Social Security today.
Columbus Life
Looking for Multi-language Support?
We offer several multi-language resources to help producers share product information, help your clients complete the underwriting interview process, and provide customer service support once policies are issued. Find Out More
John Hancock
New Protection IUL
For clients seeking the protection and growth potential of an indexed universal life insurance policy, John Hancock’s repriced PIUL continues to lead in customer value with:
  • Some of the most competitive single- and short-pay premiums on the market.
  • New! Access to Barclays Global MA Indexed Accounts for improved policy performance.
  • Addition of the Preliminary Funding Account. 
Legal & General
Lab Lift = More exam-free approvals
Meet Lab Lift from LGA! This feature can allow clients to substitute EHR for an exam, offering more opportunities for exam-free approvals. 
Lincoln Financial Group
Let’s talk TOLI
Help clients protect their legacy with trust-owned life insurance. This estate planning strategy helps clients solidify their financial future, regardless of their net worth. Want more? 
Mass Mutual
Uncomfortable Truths About Disability Income Insurance
Did you know that every 7 seconds an American suffers from a disabling injury or illness? And while MassMutual can help plan ahead in case the worst happens, check out our video about these uncomfortable truths, which was featured during the 4th quarter of the 2022 Super Bowl!
Ever Think of Whole Life as a Financial Asset?
Take a look at this video and flyer highlighting how a MassMutual whole life policy, as a flexible financial asset uncorrelated to the financial markets, can address two concerns: The sequence of returns risk at retirement and funding college costs.
National Life Group
Maximum Illustrated Rates for Current IUL Products
The short: Illustrated rates are increasing slightly; no changes to cap and par rates. The Full Story: Each year, all carriers are required to recalculate maximum permitted illustrated rates for the indexed strategies used in life products. 
Industry-leading Acceleration up to $5M for ages 18-50
We have expanded our acceleration guidelines within our Nationwide Intelligent Underwriting process.
Tax guide for business owners and employees
CareMatters II can provide tax benefits for corporations and businesses. Learn more from our LTC director, Shawn Britt
North American
Protect the continuity of your client’s business
From modest family operations to multi-billion-dollar corporations, the death of an owner can seriously hurt a business. A buy-sell agreement allows for a smoother transition in ownership to the surviving owners. 
You’re Clients Aren’t Average
Why should their LTC coverage be just average? Use this Lifetime Sales Idea to help tell the story of the importance of insuring for a Lifetime and not just an average.
Pacific Life
Small Businesses. BIG OPPORTUNITIES.
Help your business clients identify planning needs and accomplish their retirement, business and estate planning goals using life insurance. Start with this Business and Life Insurance Needs Analysis Questionnaire. Filled with disruptive questions, this conversation guide creates urgency and cements next steps to meet your business client’s highest priorities. Then explore up to 20 business-planning strategies in the It’s All About the Business Concept Guide to help them achieve their goals.
Want to learn more about Classic Choice Term in New York?
Protective’s affordable and competitive product for term business in New York, Classic Choice, can be a great solution for those looking for death benefit coverage, longer term periods, low priced premiums, and a streamlined underwriting experience. Download our flyer to start learning more about CCT NY!
PruLife Founders Plus No Longer Available for Sale in New York
Due to regulatory requirements, PruLife Founders Plus will be discontinued in New York.  Learn more
Client Approved! Life Insurance For Kids
Your clients can leave a legacy to their children or grandchildren by providing one of the ultimate gifts of love - life insurance. Buying life insurance for children and grandchildren gives parents and grandparents the opportunity to protect a lifetime of dreams at a minimal cost, while locking in insurability. Use our flyer to learn more. 
Clients That Have Family Members With Special Needs?
The sooner clients prepare for ongoing care of a family member with special needs, the more confident they may feel in meeting their goals and allow their love to extend beyond a lifetime. To help ensure accurate analysis and recommendations, it is important that all relevant information is provided. This questionnaire can help.
Three paths to the Coverage your client needs
We know that each client’s path in life is different and that’s why we believe clients should also have the opportunity to travel different paths to get the coverage needed . With Symetra SwiftTerm, we designed the online application process with three underwriting paths to get them affordable term coverage.  Instant coverage in as little as 25 minutes, accelerated in 24-72 hours or full underwriting.  Symetra SwiftTerm Program
Symetra Accumulator VUL
Symetra’s variable universal life product continues our tradition of simplicity, transparency and cost efficiency.  The Accumulator VUL product is a straightforward VUL offering  both death benefit protection and the potential to help build wealth for future goals. 
New Rates for IUL Products 
These changes will be effective for new index segments starting March 15, 2022. There is no change to participation rates, floors, or asset fees. WinFlex will be updated with the new rates on March 15, 2022. The new Growth Cap and Maximum Illustrative rates are shown below and can be downloaded here.
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