It's Hot and On Top!
It's Hot and On Top!
April 29th, 2022
New West Short
SummitLife - NEW from NLG
SummitLife - It's Hot and On Top!
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  • Video walkthroughs on Pacesetter and Balanced Trend Volatility Control Strategies
  • FAQ
  • Quick Ref Guide
  • UW Guide
  • Transition Rules
  • Use in Advanced Markets
  • Client  Flyers
  • Buyer’s Guide
  • Enhancer Bonus Flyer
  • Bonus Rate Flyer
What’s In It?
  • Higher Targets
  • New volatility control Index US Pacesetter (this will be the product default and it out performs all others in the present environment)
  • Refreshed fixed interest bonus rates
  • Stronger long term values
  • Overloan protection rider min exercise age 65
  • Juvenile issues now available
  • Added Death Benefit Protection Rider for longer base guarantees
  • All 4 ABRs (Terminal, Chronic, Critical Illness and Critical Injury) – Standard or better rating classes automatically on the plan
  • Lifetime Income Benefit Rider is always available on the plan for a future guaranteed income stream 
In a Nut Shell
  • Higher Cash Values
  • Higher Targets (20-40% ranges ages 30-65)
  • Higher Incomes
  • All Advanced Markets in general
  • Max Funded with option B to A switch
  • Short pays
  • Premium Finance
  • Exclusive ONLY to NLG 
  • Many Many More
As you may know National Life Group has two product manufacturing companies NL (National Life) and LSW (Life Insurance Company of the Southwest).
  • NL is available in all 50 states and DC to market products, but is our NY based company, and bound by all NY product design and comp rules.
  • LSW is available in all States and DC with the EXCEPTION of NY.
LSW for the majority of you will be the primary line that you will write with NLG.  You would only look to use the NL brand and products when you have a NY case.
With that being said there are two main products for individual IUL sales.  FlexLife and SummitLife.  Flex is our every day work horse.  Summit is more designed for advanced markets cases.
*Summit is presently available in all states with the exception of NY.

Contact me for illustrations for Flex and the New SummitLife.

Melissa Church
Director of Marketing
208-622-5211 x 2
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