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Office of New Student Programs
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Welcome New Blue Devils! 

Check out the Duke Transfer Digest each week for the top five most important deadlines and pieces of information to help you transition before Orientation. 

Get Ready for Duke!

Watch the welcome video below to hear from President Price and take a tour of Duke with campus leaders and students. They will teach you some fun Duke lingo that you will need to know during your time on campus.

Move-In Day Details

The first thing you will do on Tuesday, August 17th is complete your COVID-19 entry test the the Brodhead Center. Make sure to tell the staff attendant that you are there for an entry test. 
Then visit the appropriate campus housing office (based on your housing assignment) to check in, sign paperwork, and pick up your keys/fob and other important materials.
Office Locations
HRL West Campus Office | Craven D110 | 919-684-5486 | West Campus residents (Craven, Crowell, Edens, Few, Keohane, Kilgo, Wannamaker)
HRL 300 Swift Office | 300 Swift Lobby | 919-684-5813 | Lancaster and Swift residents
HRL East Campus Office | Southgate Residence Hall (Trinity side) | 919-684-5320 | East Campus residents

Get excited for O-Week!

Orientation Week is almost here! The schedule is now live on the DukeGuides app. Download the app, search for or click on “Orientation Welcome Week 2021,” and hit “download.” Then you will have the schedule with you at all times next week.

Prepare for Orientation

To prepare, some of our campus partners produced pre-arrival videos so that you can start to learn about their services. The following offices will host Open Houses on Friday, August 20th, 1:30-2:30pm. Watch their videos by clicking on the office name below and bring your questions to their in-person Academic Exploration Session Q&A next week!

30 Days to Duke

The countdown continues on our 30 Days to Duke series. With only three days until Duke, hype yourself up today or on Move-In Day with this playlist made by current students just for you!

Get to Know Duke

Each week we will introduce a new office on campus so you can "Get to Know Duke" throughout the summer. This week, we're introducing the last four Identity and Cultural Centers: the Center for Muslim Life, Jewish Life at Duke, the Mary Lou Williams Center for Black Culture, and the Women's Center!

Upcoming Dates & Deadlines

August 17  •  New Transfer Student Move-In Date
August 17 - 22  •  Transfer Orientation
August 27  •  Sexual Assault Prevention Part 2 available
October 11  •  Sexual Assault Prevention Part 2 Due

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