Newsletter January 2023
Newsletter January 2023
it doesn't get better than this 
"This" was a perfect blue bird day for Penny's first time snowshoeing.  Exercise for us, exercise for the dog, and not a soul in sight.  It's days like these when all feels right in the world. 
Although there is concern for the economic future, the timing is right for life insurance.  Term prices are down, cash accumulation interest/cap rates are up, and whole life dividends are outperforming.  What better way to prepare for an uncertain future than with the down side protection of life insurance? 
Start spreading the word with client approved materials from Prudential's trimester sales strategies site.
Check out the rest of our newsletter for more on the industry. Look for quick one-page sales ideas under new west shorts.  You can always go to our website for the latest carrier information (updated every week) under Product News & Updates.   
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Helping baby boomers with changing retirement needs
Helping baby boomers with changing retirements needs is good for clients and for your business. Learn how helping with their new retirement landscape can help build customer satisfaction and loyalty. 

Global Atlantic
Provide More Financial Flexibility to High-Net-Worth Clients
You can use this playbook to start productive conversations around premium finance and help minimize disruption to clients’ cash flow. 
John Hancock
What's new with our Protection VUL 23
  • Basic Death Benefit Protection (DBP) rider – available at no additional cost and optimized to extend guarantees to age 80
  • Enhanced Death Benefit Protection rider – can extend no-lapse guarantee coverage to ages 80-100, with 10% premium charge deducted from policy value if elected.
Lincoln Financial Group
Start the year with our new product, new process, and new opportunities.
Join us Tues., Jan. 24, 2023, at 2 p.m. for the official kick off for Lincoln WealthAccelerate IUL.  Lincoln leaders will discuss the accelerated purchase experience and streamlined product. 

Effective Jan. 15, Lincoln is increasing caps and participation rates on certain indexed accounts, which may improve future policy performance. The changes apply only to newly created indexed account segments for all currently available, and a select group of previously sold life insurance products in Lincoln’s Indexed UL and Variable UL product suites. 
Mass Mutual
NEW SIMPLIFY Presentation: Key-Person Insurance Plan
Available now, the NEW Simplify client presentation demonstrates the mechanics of a Key-Person Insurance Plan and how the flexibility, reliability and guarantees of whole life insurance can be a powerful risk management company asset.
National Life Group
We’re Expanding Our Suite of Living Benefits
Effective January 28, our new Alzheimer’s Disease Rider and new Fertility Journey Rider will bring peace of mind to clients. We’ll also give you a sneak peak at our new illustration view for Living Benefits, which will now show ranges instead of stages. Sign Up!
Advanced Life Marketing Concepts
When your clients have complex needs regarding the planning of their business, retirement or estate, you can count on Nationwide’s Advanced Consulting Group to help you simplify these topics. Download the concepts guide

Nationwide CE Opportunity 2/8/2023
Tax-efficient retirement income: Planning opportunities and sequencing strategies.  Register today!
North American
Young families client content
Clients starting out in their careers or with young children may not have life insurance top of mind. Unfortunately, once they need life insurance, they may not be able to get it. Share these resources to help educate clients on the importance of protecting those who financially depend on you.
Care Solutions Deep Dives
Join our free webinars every other Friday from 11 to 11:30 AM ET. Register and see our schedule of upcoming deep dive webinar topics for Q1!
Pacific Life
Life Insurance for the Blended Family
While blended families have become more commonplace, estate planning that addresses their needs is an often-overlooked market. This recently-updated client brochure from Pacific Life discusses how planning is especially important in a blended family situation and how life insurance can be a good solution.
Lower prices and the perfect fit
Protective’s Classic Choice term can be a great solution for clients looking for affordable coverage from a trusted carrier. Share our client friendly guide with your clients who are looking for the right fit for the financial goals!
Get your 2023 Trimester sales strategies!
We heard your feedback from 2022 and are giving you more on the Trimester site! Now, in addition to all the great content you would normally get on each month’s Trimester page, you’ll find a sales idea related to the month’s theme, a registration button for 10-Minute Mondays (where you can get a sales idea in 10 minutes from our Advanced Planning team), and Quick Links to the most popular pieces and hot items. Bookmark the site and come back each month!
Agent Resources Just Launched! The EPIC Approach
EPIC is your guide to estate planning topics. Estate planning is not a static last will and testament thrown in a drawer and forgotten. It is a plan that begins with carefully thought-out answers to questions that lay the groundwork for a tailored road map designed by the client and guided by you and their legal team. EPIC agent tools and resources! 
Maximizing the Legacy
Why add life insurance to a SLAT? Not only can a SLAT help minimize estate taxes–whether that’s a current concern or an anticipated one–it also gives a beneficiary non grantor spouse the flexibility to receive discretionary lifetime income from the trust. See our SLAT idea 
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