PSA: What's New in October
PSA: What's New in October
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           October Newsletter 2021
Daniela Turudich Soberman 
Intersecting Forms #2, September 2021
8 ft. x 4 ft. x 4 ft.
Interlocking Sculpture / Installation
About the Piece

"Intersecting Forms #2" was originally conceived of in the midst of COVID-19 home isolation as a way to address the new paradigm and stark realization that to warmly embrace, touch, comfort family/friends/loved ones -- was to also risk killing them.

And how in this strange altruistic, yet foreign, manner of being we all found a way to remain “connected,” albeit at a distance like puzzle pieces attached by a hidden string, even if separated by glass panes. 

While creating "Intersecting Forms #2," the piece began to evolve into a study of our bodies and how the effect of home isolation caused a turning inward, a seeking inside yourself to find peace when days turned into weeks, turned into months. 

With the minutiae of ordinary life ceased, we all unknowingly joined in vigil. For those lost. For the condolences unrealized. For our way of being … human.
About Daniela
First generation American and daughter of immigrant parents from former socialist Yugoslavia, Daniela grew up making regular visits to Eastern Europe, where brutalism and socialist avant-garde became foundational to her DNA and now regularly show up in her work. Daniela explores themes of unconventionalism, memory, and the shared human experience.

She also has a small cult following for her published books.

Hello, Fellow Artists,

I hope this finds you well and able to find some respite from the heat. We recently had our first in-person member meeting in the park and it was nice to see faces in person. I also realize that there is interest in virtual meetings instead during this time and I am working to figure out best solutions.

It is also exciting that the 96th Annual is coming up! Hopefully the show opening will be well attended, but if you aren’t able to make it then, the show will be up at Whites Gallery, and online, for a while, so please spend some time with the wonderful work fellow members are currently creating.

Finally, during this time when it is difficult to make in-person connections and get to know each other better, please take a look at the artist members' pages on the PSA website. And if you haven’t submitted your work or it’s not updated, now would be a great time to do so! It’s really simple to submit images & a bio for display and creates a more robust web presence overall.

Shaney Watters
PSA President 
Art Supplies for Kids” 
2021 Holiday Campaign
Thanks to the PSA members that donated $120 and a box of new art supplies to "Art Supplies for Kids" at the September General Meeting. PSA would like to raise more than $1000 for art supplies to benefit the children of Homes of Hope Foster Care/Adoption Agency in West Covina.  The children and teenagers this campaign supports need crayons, coloring books, sketch books, watercolor sets, drawing paper pads, charcoal pencils, pastels, markers, beginning acrylic paint sets, brushes for watercolors or acrylics, colored pencils, and so much more.

"Art Supplies for Kids" also accepts cash or check donations. There is a Paypal button located at the PSA website under “Get Involved” then "Donate." Checks can be mailed to:  

Pasadena Society of Artists 
P. O. Box 90074
Pasadena, CA  91109

Please indicate on your donation check “Art Supplies for Kids”

Thank you very much for your continuing support for the children of Homes of Hope Foster Care/Adoption Agency. Your donation of art supplies will make a child's holiday brighter. All donated funds go directly to the support of the children.

Larry Rodgers
Alice Dworkin
October Salon

When:  Saturday, October 30
Time:  2:00 pm - 5:00 pm
Where:  Home of Lore Eckelberry 
Please RSVP at:

PSA members and friends welcome.
** COVID-19 vaccination required. **
Please bring artwork in progress or completed. Beverages and snacks appreciated. 

The September SALON was quite interesting with nine PSA artists and two other local artists. The weather was fine as we shared art while discussing the “art of creativity.” The next SALON will be October 30th at Lore’s home in Los Feliz.
Photo and Words by Victor Picou

Saturday, October 9
Farnsworth Park, Altadena
(meeting will be outside at tables or amphitheater, depending on availability)
General Meeting (for members):  12 pm to 2 pm

Because of the surge of the Delta variant of the virus, we respectfully ask that everyone take appropriate measures to keep us all safe.  
Off the Wall
Here’s the latest from the Exhibition Committee.

"Exploring the Three Dimensions of Art" opened online September 1. There have been 479 visits, and 319 have stayed to read for an average of 4:45 minutes since opening day. PSA is building a strong presence online. Since July 2020 PSA has presented seven online exhibitions. These seven exhibitions have been viewed a total of 16,379 times, with 4651 visitors spending more time reading the content.  That’s an average of 2240 visitors per exhibition. Given these numbers, all members should seriously consider participating in all future online exhibitions. One or more visitors may want to purchase your artwork.

What’s next? The "96th Annual Juried Exhibition" juried by Dr. Mika Cho. Dr. Cho selected 70 artworks from 53 artists. The online exhibition will open in early October.  The gallery installation will open at Whites Fine Art Gallery in Montrose on Friday, October 15. The Opening Reception is planned for Saturday, October 16, 2 pm to 4 pm. Awards will be given out around 3 pm. Printed catalogs will be available for purchase. Whites Fine Art Gallery is located at 2414 Honolulu Avenue in Montrose. Gallery hours are Tuesday - Saturday, 9 am to 5 pm.

Looking ahead to 2022, exhibitions include the "New Member Showcase," which features all of the new members from 2021, the "97th Annual Juried Exhibition" at the Betsy Lueke Creative Arts Center Gallery in Burbank during May, the potential for an open juried exhibition at the Creative Arts Group Gallery in Sierra Madre, a medium-specific exhibition, an Artist's Choice Exhibition at Whites Fine Art Gallery and perhaps one additional exhibition. All of these exhibitions will be presented online. Selected exhibitions will also have gallery installations and full-color printed catalogs. 

None of these exhibitions would be possible without the assistance of PSA volunteers including Alison Davies, Catalog Editor; Karen Hochman Brown, Art Director; Debbi Swanson Patrick, Director of Communications; and all of the members that presented their artwork. 

The Exhibition Committee is always looking for volunteers for all exhibition-related activities.  If you are interested, please contact the committee at 

The Exhibition Committee thanks everyone involved.

Art Carrillo, Tom Oldfield 
Lawrence D. Rodgers
Happy Halloween!
Above:  "All Hallows Eve" by  Eileen Oda Leaf
Oil on Canvas
Below: "Mr. Boo" by Rick Drobner
Stoneware Ceramic
Membership Dues

If you have already paid for this year, thank you!!

Membership dues for January 1 - December 31, 2021 are $75.00. If you are unsure if you have paid, please contact Kathleen before sending your payment.

Payment can be made online on the "Members Only" page of the PSA website, OR mail a check, payable to PSA, to:  P.O. Box 90074, Pasadena, CA  91109.

Remember that you must be current with your dues in order to participate in exhibitions or any of the other exciting ways PSA has to promote you and your art. If you are experiencing financial hardship, please contact Kathleen. PSA has a confidential scholarship program and can help!
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