Upcoming Costa Rica Retreat, Online Events, Online New Years Meditation
Upcoming Costa Rica Retreat, Online Events, Online New Years Meditation
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Hi friends - Welcome to December. I trust this finds you in good spirits and diving deeper into your creativity as we continue to navigate these strange times.

As we face new challenges we have been blessed with the good fortune of having each other to share with.
The Gayatri Sangha reminds us that we are never isolated even in our darkest moments.
We are all just a mantra away from each other so don't wait to reach out and share yourself.
A sense of community is so important right now, and our participation is to accept the responsibility to be present and to show up.

Compassion - Forgiveness - Gratitude

It all depends on how deep is our well - how much we have to give.
As The Beatles said; The love you take is equal to the love you make.

Deva and I are still enjoying life in Costa Rica.
Blue Spirit is such a beautiful place to be.
We are very lucky to have you as our friends and fellow travellers.
Giving thanks for this special gathering as we sing our gratitude out into the empty sky.
We landed here in paradise when the world changed and right now we have no plans to leave here any time soon. 
Since we began to share our online events, our intention has always been to share something of the essence of this garden that is Costa Rica.
We wake up now to these beautiful, sunny days and we love to feel we are sharing it all with you - especially those of you who are living in the northern hemisphere and experiencing a wintry lockdown.

As I write this letter a warm breeze is blowing through the trees...the song of the sea is audible in the distance, the sky is deep blue, the birds are singing and life is sweet...
So, we send you our love, thanks and blessings.
Remember to keep singing, keep dancing, keep sharing your light, however, and whenever you can.
Don't hold back, beloved - there's no time to waste.

Enjoy the newsletter.
With love from us both,


New Year's Retreat at Blue Spirit 

blue spirit retreat

We are preparing a special 3-day Ecstatic Chant Retreat at Blue Spirit to welcome the New Year and say goodbye to 2020.

Dec 29 - Jan 2nd. 

Our days of celebration will include music, mantras and meditation, m
eeting friends and enjoying the beautiful beach, eating great healthy food and sharing our stories of love, life and laughter. 

We will join for a midnight Satsang to give birth to 2021.

This is an in-person retreat where we get to sing and share with each other and meet new friends - all in the wonderful surroundings of the Blue Spirit Retreat here in Nosara, Costa Rica.

Due to safe spacing space is limited, so don’t leave it too late to book.

Info & Registration

Online Events

Here are some of the great live online events that we have coming up in the Gayatri Sangha Online Community.

It has been just two months since we embarked on our "OMline Ashram" and we are so enjoying watching the garden grow with so many unique and interesting flowers! If you haven't joined us yet, we look forward to welcoming you soon.

Even though physically separate, we get to dive into the music communally and sing together, dance together, sit in silent meditation, and connect through communal sharing. 

In addition to our weekly online OM/Gayatri meditation, we have many events scheduled for December. You can find the full and updated online events schedule here.

December Online Events

Tuesday, Dec 8th: A Live Tribute to John Lennon - Miten plays DJ with stories and special guests from John Lennon’s life. Beatlemaniacs...DO NOT MISS THIS!

Friday, Dec 11th: To celebrate the anniversary of Osho's birth, we will be sharing a silent sitting of 20 minutes.

Monday, 21st Dec: 108 cycles of the Gayatri Mantra (Solstice)

Tuesday, 22nd Dec: Manose presents his Ecstatic Dance programme!

And there’s also the Global Days of Unity Meditation live on Facebook & Instagram every 3rd Saturday of the month.

Looking forward to sharing these magical moments with you.

*The app is free for those financially challenged. Feel free to respond to this email if you would like a gifted subscription. 

*If you can afford it, the cost is $7.99 US per month.

Online Events Schedule

What participants are saying about the Gayatri Sangha:

“... a miracle happened, you opened up this beautiful Sangha and we are invited into your living room, kitchen, your meditation room, and now we spend more time with you and all the beautiful souls on the Sangha. We feel so blessed and so grateful, Thank you.”

“I found out about this community yesterday and joined now. It seems like what I always have waited for, this whole thing dedicated just for our connection, community, mantras and celebration..!
I've been searching for the like-minded (like-hearted) people for many years, still hope to find more of You nearby. You have magic! All who realizes it.”

“You are such a beautiful community, I have never met so many loving people. Just wish to say that this IS a miracle on Earth. Love to you all”

"Oh my, oh my! What a loving gift this is. And don't you just adore the gift of technology and all the paths and connections it opens for us!"

"...It was such a wonderful idea from you, Deva, to be LIVE at the end of the 21 days of meditation. And it was so nice to see all of your names (while LIVE streaming). So nice to see that we actually all took part in the meditation together. United! You give me so much strength..!"

"Hello Deva, thank you so much, it was a deep meditation, very healing. A few days ago I suddenly became ill and the meditation helped me to release pain and sadness. Feeling the sounds vibrate in my root chakra and feeling connected with the sangha, embracing Mother Earth. Blessings and love to Miten"

Gayatri Sangha App

New Year's Meditation

Once again we invite you to start the New Year with us live on Facebook and Instagram for the first 7 days of January with 108 cycles of the Gayatri Mantra.

1pm San Francisco
3pm Costa Rica
3pm Mexico City
4pm Miami/New York
6pm Rio de Janeiro/Buenos Aires/Santiago de Chile
9pm London/Dublin/Lisbon
10pm Munich/Paris/Madrid
12am Moscow (Jan 2-8th)
2.30am New Delhi/Mumbai (Jan 2-8th)
7am Brisbane (Jan 2-8th)
8am Sydney (Jan 2-8th)

We are chanting the Gayatri Mantra to invoke the divine light of pure consciousness, asking that this great light will guide and inspire humanity towards love, peace, and understanding. 

If you can't catch the time when we are live, chant with us in your own timing - the daily videos will remain available after the live broadcast.

We will end the seven days with a celebratory dance party facilitated by our beloved Manose on the Gayatri Sangha App!

We will be offering a free two week trial to the app in the New Year, so it will be a perfect time to come over and check it out if you haven't already.

Facebook Event

A taste of Costa Rica
Pura Vida - Pure life


Community Features

Our beloved friend Tarisha has just released her new album 'Gratitude'.
Check it out here.

In her own words: 
"The songs are a way of tuning into the elements, to love and life, giving thanks for the abundance of it all. It feels like a lovely way to share the music. I am excited!"

Right on Tarisha! 


Our friends at Break the Chain are hosting an online concert to raise awareness for mental health. Break the Chain is a not for profit organization for anyone that's struggling with life. 

You can find their online concert here and gofundme page here.

This video is an excerpt of a talk by Caroline Myss about forgiveness and it touched us so deeply that we have to share it with you!

"It's not that forgiveness scares us so much it's that it will cause our lives to change so rapidly, that's what we are terrified of." 

Enjoy the talk here.


And finally, a clip to raise the spirit - check this out! It's very cool. Enjoy!

 online events we are a part of this month:

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