Stack Facts #2026
New Ingate Location for Loaded CMA Units in Baltimore – Seagirt ICTF

Dear Valued Customer,

Please be advised that effective immediately loaded CMA 40/45’ units moving to Westbound locations (LA, OAK, SEA, and POR), will no longer ingate to the NS Baltimore ramp, but will now ingate to Seagirt ICTF.

When the driver arrives, please note they should not require a booking number to ingate, but will instead tell the gate that it is a loaded domestic move for NS lines.  Once ingated the driver will drop the box and chassis at Seagirt ICTF for movement on the NS.

Please note that it is important for the driver to advise this is for the NS, as although the port should be able to see the billing to know, this part of the gate at Seagirt ICTF is shared with CSX.

Per Ports Of America the driver is not required to have a TWIC card to enter this part of the port.

Any issues with ingate to Seagirt ICTF, please contact CHICS@xpo.com and Railbilling@xpo.com , so that we can address the issue for the driver to ingate.

Thank you

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