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HP-4 Downlight Asymmetric Optic
HP-2 Downlight Asymmetric Optic
Optimize with Optics
HP-2 & HP-4 now offering more, bringing you new design capabilities to light interiors better.

Downlight Asymmetric Optic (DAO)

HP-2 / HP-4

Aim light where you want it

• Provides fill light to a space
• Highlights vertical surfaces
• Ideal for close to wall luminaires

HP-2 & HP-4 DAO Polar Plots
HP-2 & 4 Downlight Asymmetric Optic and Downlight Spread Optic

Downlight Spread Optic (DSO)

HP-2 / HP-4

Providing enhanced downlight uniformity

• Wider luminaire spacing
• Fewer luminaires needed
• Reduces overall project cost

HP-2 & HP-4 DSO Polar Plots
Declare Indigo-Clean Technology
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