Translation: It's time to start talking holiday parties!
Translation: It's time to start talking holiday parties!


Have Yourself a Merry Little Zoom Call
Hi. Not sure if you've noticed, but there's a giant elephant in the room. He's the color of snow and dressed all jolly and probably sitting on a squatty potty or whatever the White Elephant Gift D'Jour is this year. But this particular (white) elephant in the room is here to deliver this news: Your employee holiday party likely won't look the same in 2020 as it has in previous years. As a creative agency — one that does its fair share of event/party planning for our clients — we decided to share some ideas about company holiday parties that won't have you eye-rolling while scoffing, "Oh goodie, a Zoom call instead of a cocktail party." But in reality, we recognize there really is no substitute for stealing that Bob Ross Chia Pet for the third and final time from your unsuspecting co-worker. 
You Snooze You Lose? Nah, We Got You.  
Did you miss our NCET Biz Bite yesterday because you totally forgot what day of the week it was? We feel you (and PS, it was Wednesday). But never fear: The session was recorded and is now available on YouTube for you, your children and your children's children to watch and enjoy. Learn some tips for bringing more humanity to the virtual workplace — which, interestingly, often involves acknowledging the dogs, cats and kids in the room. 
Subpar Parks Says What We're All (Not) Thinking 
One of our Instagram guilty pleasures when we're feeling a bit saucy is perusing the creative genius of illustrator Amber Share. She has adeptly mastered the artistic epic burn by juxtaposing the real words of negative reviews of our spectacular National Parks against dramatic graphic representations. And yes, that "very, very large hole" described above by a grumpy visitor: Grand Canyon National Park, obviously. So very much meh.

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