Open for more mind-blowing info.
Open for more mind-blowing info.

JUNE 2021

Our team is growing yet again, and this time we're giving you some insight into who our new team members are, what they do around these parts and what makes them tick. We didn't expect that odd puzzle-building obsessions and Lindsay Lohan's Parent Trap would factor so heavily into these new personalities, but you do you, new Estiponies. You do you.  
Smoke-free Momentum Is Building
The July 28 Reno City Council meeting will include consideration of a smoke-free workplaces ordinance. With 40,000 employees subjected daily to the well-established dangers of secondhand smoke, we join our client Smoke Free Truckee Meadows in the belief that it's only fair that ALL places of employment are smoke-free.

These policies are popular and good for business, as the vast majority of guests prefer a smoke-free environment – especially in the wake of COVID-19. Plus, states with smoke-free policies have been setting revenue records, even while operating at less than 100% capacity.

If you agree, join us by writing to your lawmaker (there's even a sample at the link!). Your support could go a long way toward ensuring all employees in the Truckee Meadows have an equal chance to breathe clean air at work. 

Wait — All Skittles Taste the Same?
Consider our minds collectively blown. We just discovered that all Skittle flavors are identical — but our brains are conditioned to believe yellow = lemon, and green = lime, and our entire lives now feel like dirty dirty lies.

This thread, which features countless other crazymaking "I was today years old" revelations, does not disappoint with the eye-openers. How is it that we've never considered the fact that a division symbol (÷) is just a model of a fraction with the dots representing the numerator and denominator? And don't even get us started on the idea that flames don't have shadows. We could SWEAR we've seen the shadow of a fire while standing around a firepit before, but that just might be a lie held in the part of our brain that knows red Skittles are the BEST Skittles. 

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