PLEASE HELP TO spread the Word!
PLEASE HELP TO spread the Word!
Healthcare Workers:
Schedule Your Vaccination Now!

The priority status for healthcare workers to get the COVID vaccine ends soon!

There are just a few days left before we move to the next phase of vaccine distribution!
Data from Public Health--Seattle & King County indicates that licensed providers appear to be vaccinated at higher rates. So, we are asking you to encourage and assist your non-licensed staff and colleagues to get vaccinated.
Please make sure that all the workers in your health care settings, that are eligible under Phase 1A of the WA DOH Vaccination Guidance, have been encouraged and supported to go to Phase Finder. There they can confirm their eligibility.
This includes all workers in health care settings at risk of COVID:
  • licensed or non-licensed staff
  • technicians, security, environmental, janitorial, non-remote translators, counselors, home health aides, caregivers, companions, pharmacists, occupational health staff, etc.
  • contracted, part-time, unpaid and volunteer staff
KCMS has been working directly with the DOH and PHSKC to identify locations for you and your 1a staff to be vaccinated expeditiously. Even if you were able to get vaccinated, please help ensure ALL 1a staff and contractors have been provided for.
We have a NEW LINK for the KCMS Vaccine intake form for those needing assistance locating a vaccine. Please share this link! We have vaccines to give.
When you access the KCMS link you will be asked if you used the WA-DOH PhaseFinder to identify your vaccine phase. If you or your staff are 1a they do not have to go to PhaseFinder. 
If you do choose to use PhaseFinder, all intake is based on an honor system of self-reporting and will tell you if you are 1a or not. If someone is in doubt - have them go through PhaseFinder.
If they are 1a that will be announced on a blue screen at the end of the PhaseFinder intake. Please have them take a screenshot of the 1a proclamation (or photo, or print out) and they can take it with them when they go for their vaccine if they have any doubts.

Thank you for your patience! 
We are working hard to safeguard you, your colleagues, your staff, and of course - your patients. 
Please do not hesitate to reach out with any questions or concerns via email. 

Nancy L. Belcher, Ph.D., MPA | CEO, King County Medical Society
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