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The Holidays!  They are a time for family, cheer(s) and typically, weight gain!   We gorge during Thanksgiving, then in December eat shit that we would normally say no to but don’t have the willpower since “It's the holidays! I'll hit it hard in January!" 

Some years at SWEAT we do a lavish challenge where you’re required to row an ungodly amount of meters, step til you can’t step any longer and so on.  This year, it’s all about you and the accountability you want for yourself in a simpler format.  Here’s how it will play out…

  • Initial body fat pinch 

  • Nutritional guidance

  • Weekly pinch check-in's

  • Two workouts provided each week that must be accomplished (typical 45 minutes)

  • Final pinch out (January 4 or 5)

Each week, you will receive a plan of attack from me, helping to guide you along the way with a ‘what you should be doing this week’ type of text.  I am not requiring anyone to journal for this challenge, but if you would like to, and you need assistance along the way, just reach out to let me know.  I will advise and support you with anything you need to make your journaling and fueling successful.

This goal of holding it for the holidays gives you a reason to hold yourself accountable so you do not become a statistic.  It’s for those who are committed to ending 2019 without one pound of fat gained and starting 2020 with the mind set of being ahead of every one else.

$100 cash entry to enter.  The pot goes to the winner who holds it for the holidays and loses the most fat.  

Please RSVP now so I can start scheduling measurements. You can be measured from now - November 27.  Bring your $100 cash with you to measurements.   The official start time is as soon as you get pinched.  If you have any questions at all, text me at 407.701.7430.

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