February 2017 edition of the Neumob newsletter - full of links and ideas
February 2017 edition of the Neumob newsletter - full of links and ideas
February 2017
Welcome to February's  Neumob monthly newsletter.
This is the place for mobile app owners and forward-looking, mobile-first thinkers who are in the market for the best strategies, tips and news from the world of app acceleration and beyond.
 WEBINAR, Feb. 21st: "How To Increase App   Retention in 2017"
How to Increase App Retention in 2017
Struggling to keep the app users you've worked so hard to acquire? It's time to get the latest solutions from the mobile app retention experts at Leanplum, Apptentive and Neumob. We'll be talking and taking your Q&A on Tuesday, February 21st!
Register Here!
Mobile Apps and the Last-Minute Traveler (click to expand)
Mobile Apps and the Last-Minute Traveler
New Infographic: 
Third-Party Calls - A Real Drag on Mobile App Performance
Neumob Third-Party Calls Infographic
Consider this: There’s a logical diminishing returns marker in every mobile app, one that allows only a certain number of third-party API calls to be shoehorned into the app before those calls truly start impacting (in a bad way) how that app actaully performs in users’ hands.

Of course, it’s different for every app, and for every set of third-party calls – yet there’s no question that far too many apps are pushing their own limits, and those of the mobile networks they run on, too far without calling in extra acceleration help.

We’ve created a new infographic that helps demystify third-party calls a bit. We hope you enjoy it.

     Neumob at Mobile World Congress 2017!
Meet with Neumob at Mobile World Congress 2017
If you're heading to Barcelona in a few weeks to see the latest in mobile-first technologies and solutions, we'd love for you to meet with Neumob in-person and get the latest on our mobile app acceleration solutions.
Neumob will be presenting & speaking to customers along with our systems integration partner GlobalDots in the BerlinPartners booth, located in Hall 7, Booth L51.
Get in touch here to book a meeting today!
          An App Acceleration Network That's                            Wherever Your Users Are
This past month we announced that the Neumob global app acceleration network was dramatically expanded on six different continents. Our press release on the expansion is here.
Neumob is now speeding traffic through 120 global points of presence in 83 different metropolitan areas.

We've built our network out further in response to our growing customer base, who often serve mobile app users in far-flung places where an additional point of presence can really make a big difference in load times and in juicing up in-app performance. Read more on the expansion here.
   Speed: The Razor's Edge for Travel App Success
Just as we've done with our new mobile travel apps infographic displayed to your left, we've been working closely with our customers in the hotel, airline and transportation industries to help them meet their revenue, retention and app performance challenges head-on. 
This year, eMarketer expects 70% of travel bookers to do so on a mobile device at least once this year – seventy percent! This surge in smartphone bookings is leading to a realignment within travel tech that puts even more emphasis on delivering a fast, smooth, first-rate mobile app experience that allows bookings to take place with a bare minimum of clicks.

Some countries need more help than others, however.

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