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Latest news
Summer 2021
 Webinar now available to view
The event led by Dr Sarah Ngan in April achieved an impressive 259 registrations indicating the enthusiasm of CUP MDT members for continuing professional development, notwithstanding the demands and disruption of SARS-CoV-2. 


CUP-COMP now recruiting

CUP-COMP is an exciting, leading edge, trial examining genetic changes in CUP tumours alongside blood-based biomarkers, which can help reveal the origins of a person’s cancer and predict responses to existing or new treatments. The trial is led by Dr Natalie Cook. The participating hospitals are shown on our website: research>CUP trials.  There is also an explanatory article in the Sunday Times of 6 June. 
CUP trials
Sun Times
CUP stats update 
As Management guru Peter Drucker once wrote: 'If you can’t measure it, you can’t improve it.’  We are fortunate to have access to outstanding data captured by ONS and made accessible by CRUK. The latest UK data continue to show a decline in annual CUP incidence - now down to about 2% of all cancers with 8,341 cases. Mortality is up slightly - 9,775 deaths - and CUP has gone back to the 5th commonest cause of cancer death in the UK (it was temporarily 6th in our last report and is always close to the Pancreatic cancer mortality figure.) CUP accounts for 6% of all UK cancer deaths.

Awareness Week next month

Our CUP Awareness Week is always the last complete week of September: 19-25 September 2021. This year we have joined with our friends in the Netherlands (Missie Tumor Onbekend) and Ireland (Sarah Jennifer Knott Foundation) to initiate the first 'World CUP Awareness Week'. An innovative social media campaign will be centred mostly on Facebook and include contributions from CUP researchers.
Awareness Week
NCRI Webinar
Dr Kai-Keen Shiu led the NCRI MUO/CUP Group webinar on 6 May: Cancers of unknown primary – challenges and opportunities. Click on the link for the NCRI webinars and search by date.
Christmas Cards
It might seem premature to mention Christmas but our special cards always prove popular. Supporters may want to get their order in early to avoid disappointment.
Our Fantastic Supporters
Fundraising events have picked-up as the Pandemic eases and, including memorial donations, an impressive £16,000 has supported our work through Just Giving in 2021 (Jan-Jul). Many thanks to all donors and particularly those who have persevered with events including: Clare Neal, Matthew and Alessandro Boyd, Elizabeth Rodriguez, Mark and Nikki Larden, Fiona Smith and Karolina Bobrik.