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July 2018
Advanced warning: CUP Awareness Week 2018
CUP Awareness Week this year will be 23-29 September.  With your help, we will continue our 10 x More campaign aiming to make 10x more people aware of this disease.
If you need supplies of CUP badges or wristbands to sell (pictured on our website) please contact 
To tie in with Awareness Week Dawn Platt, CUP Lead Clinical Nurse Specialist at York Hospital, is bravely going to leap out of a plane a 10,000 feet. If you would like to help her raise awareness and reach her target of raising £2000 visit her JustGiving page.

CUP trial (CUPISCO) update

Although not yet recruiting, the UK centres are moving towards accepting patients in the Autumn. There are 8 UK centres located in: Bath, Cardiff, Glasgow, London (2), Manchester, Newcastle upon Tyne, Southampton.
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The NHS at 70 and a long term plan for cancer

Announced recently, the Government has committed an extra £20.5 billion per annum to the NHS for the next 5 years. CUP Foundation joined with the National Cancer Director and other charities on 23 July to discuss the long term plan for the NHS Cancer Programme as part of the increased 5 year funding.
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MEPs against cancer
We presented to a meeting in the EU Parliament on 26 June. MEPs Against Cancer – a group led by British MEP Theresa Griffin – are keen to drive any policy initiatives that will help the European CUP community.  
Conference in Bristol 12 June
Oncologists, pathologists, palliative care physicians, CUP nurses, patients, patient advocates from England, Wales, Scotland and Ireland attended Improving patient experience with your MUO-CUP service on 12 June. Topics included: developments in pathology; complex diagnostic problems; integrating palliative care; clinical trials; urgent referral pathways. 

Recent publication by the leading CUP researchers

Hainsworth & Greco ask some interesting questions in their latest paper which they go on to answer: (1) Do patients with unknown primary site actually have a primary site?  (2) Do CUPs mirror their counterparts that present with overt primary sites in most aspects of tumor biology, even though they differ in the ability to metastasize widely (mechanism unknown) while the primary tumor remains small? (3) Do CUPs respond to the same treatments proven effective in patients with the corresponding cancers of known primary site?

Here they go again!

Our supporters have boundless energy and endless creativity - from bike rides to head shaves, from 22 mile walks to charity events with Disney princesses and Mrs Brown's Boys - you never cease to amaze us. Pictured are Jack Noakes & friends, the Studland annual cricket match and Dyllan mid head shave and before with his long locks.
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Memorial donations

Long term supporter and major fundraiser Gordon Williams asked family and friends to make donations in memory of his late wife Linda instead of presents for his 70th birthday. As he writes: ‘what do you get for the man who has everything on the occasion of his 70th birthday?’ 

We are very grateful for all the other recent donations made in memory of loved ones who have lost their lives to CUP.