Dear Amber,
As many of us began the month in some kind of heightened restrictions or lockdown, the ongoing challenges of the pandemic were made clear to us once again. As we have done previously, through resilience and applying new and innovative ways of approaching our work, we will continue to build on the recovery and look forward to future success.

There have been a number of important recent developments which have shown the necessity of cash as a payment option. In late June major Australian banks suffered numerous service outages which affected their merchant systems, notably restricting the ability of businesses to accept cashless payments. There were extensive reports of businesses unable to process payments, and even having to close as a result of this outage. This lost opportunity could simply have been avoided by diversifying payment options and not relying on a single method. The impact of buy now, pay later loans has also been subject to significant scrutiny recently as the impact upon vulnerable groups is becoming clearer. Cash provides consumers with the easiest and most effective way to budget. Unlike cashless buy now, pay later apps, consumers have complete control and understanding of how much money they have to spend. 

Looking towards the future, a major milestone in ATMIA’s Next-Gen ATM Project was passed, with the certification of the first Next-Gen ATM product. KLEAR Technologies was awarded certification for its patented product, SecurPair. This technology will allow for secure terminal pairing. This is just the beginning, with many more products to be certified as we continue on the journey to futureproofing the ATM Industry.

Finally, please note the dates for the Nex Gen ATM & Payment Sydney event have been changed. This two-day conference will now be held on the 1st & 2nd December at the Grace Hotel. Anyone interested in a speaking slot or marketing opportunities to contact anytime.
Stay safe in these challenging times. 


Sandra Smith
Executive Director, Asia Pacific 
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Update on Next Gen USA event

Last month in another important step forward for the ATM Industry, ATMIA held its first major in-person event following the COVID pandemic. The Next-Gen ATM event, held in the United States was a resounding success, with over 800 attendees. For the first time since the start of the pandemic, industry experts were able to meet in person and discuss the future of the industry.

The feedback from the event was strong. One of the key messages from the event is a “crypto coup” sweeping the industry. Interest amongst exhibitors and delegates alike in cryptocurrency ATMs was high and we expect this to be a trend that continues to grow in the future. Delegates also identified compliance issues as the biggest issue facing the ATM Industry at present in the United States.

The future role of cash was also a key point of discussion throughout the event. The need for better cash forecasting was raised as a key future consideration. Delegates expressed concerns with the over-supply or premature running out of cash at ATMs. In addition to this, the rollout of new smart-safes and the role they will play in better cash management and generating revenue for small businesses was identified as an important development in the future use of cash. A consistent message was that demand for cash at FI and IAD ATMs remain very high.

The United States is opening up, and the ATM Industry is enjoying a renaissance. The United States event was an important demonstration of confidence in the future of the industry.
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LIVE WEBINAR: Next Gen ATMs and Self-Service in a Mobile-Digital World
Published Wednesday, June 30, 2021    Certification will unleash a wave of innovation in the industry’s self-service space.

CR2 Market Insight: African Banking and Payments trends   Published Wednesday, June 30, 2021

This position paper overviews the benefits of recycling cash at ATMs with universal deposit-taking by:

1. Increasing the relevance of ATMs in an era of declining bank branches
2. Keeping the costs of cash competitive
3. Increasing foot traffic at ATMs for additional transactions



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