Cash remains an indispensable part of the payment system.
Cash remains an indispensable part of the payment system.
Dear Sandra,
The ATM Industry has much to look forward to in 2021. We have weathered the worst of the pandemic and the economic consequences of it.  Recent media reports detailed issues surrounding payment technology, leaving small business throughout Australia unable to process payments. This only reinforces the importance of cash in providing the basis of a reliable payment system.
Looking forward there are many reasons to be optimistic: the Australian Government has moved its planned COVID-19 vaccination program forward to February and strong signs of economic recovery continue.

ATMIA continues its advocacy work with the cash mandate petition reaching over 10,000 signatures. We will maintain the momentum by reaching out to key stakeholders and building connections in support of the mandate in order to secure the role of cash as a method of payment. For those who have not yet signed the petition, please click here.

This month ATMIA will meet with AustPay to discuss the return of the TAP + GO payment limit of A$100 no pin limit. As previously outlined, the Tap and Go payment limit was increased in response to health concerns at the start of the pandemic, as COVID-19 local transmission has substantially reduced together with the roll-out of vaccinations in Australia, the current arrangement is no longer appropriate. 

As we all make the most of the recovery, industry events will be crucial to sharing ideas and promoting growth. A Call for Speakers is now available for both events.:
Finally, if you have any issues you would like ATMIA to address in 2021, let's continue to work together as a dynamic industry in these challenging times.


Sandra Smith
Executive Director, Asia Pacific 
C: +61 424 300 660
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Monitor and coordinate intelligence about criminal activity and ATM threats to create security standards, focused on the self-service channel.

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To design responses to on-going criminal activity targeting the industry by focusing on attacks that impact ATM usage and operation, globally.

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Global manufacturers, suppliers, service providers, deployers and financial institutions to establish a 'one stop shop' for ATM security.

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Networking with other industry stakeholders

Comprehensive ATM security best practices

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