Dear Sandra,
This month starts with the message "R U OK", I hope this newsletter finds you well as we all deal with the COVID-19 lockdowns and the impact it's having on many communities around the country.
Last month the Government released the Review of Australia's payments system, marking the first major review of the Payment System in over two decades. While making commentary about the rise of digital payments and their implications on the payment system more broadly, the review makes important conclusions about the role of cash as a future method of payment.

“[Cash] is expected to remain an important method of payment well into the future, not only for vulnerable consumers but as an important ‘back‑up’ form of payment not tied to the digital economy… Given this, the distribution of cash will also remain a critical system that ensures that there is an adequate supply of cash available across the economy”

The Payment System Review clearly demonstrates the ongoing importance of cash, and places cash as a critical method of payment which must be protected. By making such an emphatic commitment to cash as a critical part of the payment system, the review shows talk by particular circles about the move towards a fully cashless society as being unfounded and speculative at best, and misleading at worst.
Join us to discuss this issue further and hear updates from the RBA and law enforcement at our next Strategic Direction teleconference to be held on 15th September @ 4 pm Sydney time. Please contact for a copy of the agenda and dial-up details.  
Despite the lockdowns that have impacted many of us, work continues behind the scenes as we prepare for the 2021 Next Gen ATM & Payments event being held on 1st & 2nd December in Sydney. Its been three years since our last face-to-face ATMIA Sydney conference and as enthusiasm continues to grow with the opportunity for a live industry event and real networking awaits us. With Industry leaders offering to share their perspectives at this event. 
A reminder there are still marketing and sponsorship opportunities available at this event, feel free to contact anytime for more details. 
Best wishes to everyone, stay safe and happy and let's continue to work together and spread the word about why cash is so important to all of us. 


Sandra Smith
Executive Director, Asia Pacific 
C: +61 424 300 660

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This Position Paper overviews the benefits of recycling cash at ATMs with universal deposit-taking by:

1. Increasing the relevance of ATMs in an era of declining bank branches

2. Keeping the costs of cash competitive

3. Increasing foot traffic at ATMs for additional transactions
Read the full position paper here.
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