Exciting News---Loosening up of Restrictions!

Hi TBS Families,
I have some exciting news to share about reduction of restrictions for athletics in Washington State and help explain restrictions that are still in place.  It is wonderful to rejoice together when restrictions loosen.  It is not where we want it yet, but we are thankful for every move in the right direction!
As a school, we have followed the guidelines from the Governor's office, Department of Health, CDC, and WIAA to ensure our school and athletic programs are open, do our due diligence in keeping our faculty and students safe, and to protect our school from liability.  God has blessed TBS with zero outbreaks, and we have been able to maintain a consistent learning environment and consistent sport seasons without any shut downs. 
That is a huge praise for God and a huge thank you to everyone who has been partnering with us in this to keep our students and school safe.

1.  It was announced by the WIAA in correlation with Governor's office on March 23rd that outside low risk sports (track and cross country for TBS) will allow athletes to remove their masks when training and competing.  This was announced right before our first middle school track meet and what a joy it was to allow our athletes to drop their masks before competing!   Track athletes must continue to wear masks in the following situations:
  • When not competing or training.
  • In team huddles and transportation. 
  • Coaches must always wear a mask.
2.  It was announced by the WIAA in correlation with Governor's office that outside moderate risk sports (baseball for TBS) can remove their masks during competition, but not for trainings at school.  Therefore:
  • Our baseball athletes can remove their masks when spread out for conditioning.
  • Otherwise at practices, baseball players must have masks on. 
  • During games, baseball athletes may remove their masks except for the following situations:  when in the dugouts, when not playing, or in huddles.
3.  Because we are now in PHASE 3, basketball (a high-risk indoor sport) can compete, but unfortunately, the mask requirement is still in place.  We can pray these changes, but for now, any family who is not comfortable with their child playing basketball with a mask on, can opt-out of playing this year.  We feel it is our responsibility as a school to inform you of the guidelines and then support each family in their decision.
4.  OPEN GYMS will be allowed two weeks after spring sports begin (April 5th would be first date) and coaches can now be there to provide instruction.  This will be a huge blessing for basketball players who only will get 5-6 practices before their first game.
For those who participate, in these OPEN GYMS, masks are required (worn above mouth and nose).  Middle school students have option to choose OPEN GYM as part of their mini elective options.  
Please note: Governor Inslee's office announced that schools can now move to 3 ft social distancing within the classroom to help schools get kids back into school.  The mask requirement, however, is still in place.  The 3 ft rule also does not apply to big common places such as lunchroom, gymnasium, when kids are eating without masks, etc.  In those situations, the six-foot rule will still apply.


If you have any additional questions or concerns, please let me know.

Beth Wing
Athletic Director
Associate Dean of Students
Exercise Science Department Chair
253-475-7226 x 113
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