Middle East Newsletter May 2020
Middle East Newsletter May 2020
Dear Member

Welcome to the May edition of the Middle East newsletter for ATMIA.

A gentle reminder that we have set up a coronavirus and ATMs portal to keep you updated on industry impacts of the pandemic. 

ATMIA Announces the Publication of the Next-Gen ATM Implementation Guide

“ATMIA has announced the publication of the Next-Gen ATM Implementation Guide verison 1.0 based on a global blueprint for a new API App model for ATMs. It's available in the ATMIA Next Gen ATM portal.

“This is a milestone for the global Consortium for Next Gen ATMs, which now has over 320 companies participating, because it means we have completed the design and define phase of this future-proofing project,” Mike Lee, CEO of ATMIA and Chairperson of the Consortium, explained.  “We now move into the implementation and certification phase.”

The project started in 2017 with a future vision of ATMs by major ATM deployers which was sent as a Request for Information (RFI) to 65 vendors and suppliers, who all replied in the affirmative, agreeing wholeheartedly with the vision. The blueprint for the API App model was designed and developed.

“I’d like to thank the working groups of the Consortium, the Functional User Group, the Technical Working Group and the Certification Working Group, for their help in constructing the Implementation Guide and Proof of Concept, which is like a roadmap to the future,” Marcel Ficken, Technical Next Gen Advisor, said. “The next step is to set up a global online self-certification system. Pre-registrations are now open at no cost!””
Please remember that we are always here to assist our members where we can and that you’re welcome to reach out to me with any questions you have.
Kind regards,
Andrew Dean

Executive Director, Middle East and Africa
C: +27(0)82 577.9921
P: +27(0)21 712.6604
Join the Future-Proofing of the ATM Industry 
Over 300 companies have joined ATMIA’s Consortium for Next Gen ATMs which is developing a new API App model for future ATMs, including over 75 banks and financial institutions and the top IADs in the world.

It is free to join this global movement – simply email me at mike@atmia.com to become part of this critical exercise to ensure our technologies stay relevant for the next generation.

There is a next gen business case toolkit which identifies 22 cost-saving opportunities through embracing next gen architecture, 14 ways of improving revenue and 8 ways to build brand value. It enables a company to calculate potential Return on Investment depending on which sector of the industry you are in.

Please see the toolkit, a list of participating companies, best practices and so much more at the next gen portal.

Read the Ten Talking Points and join us today!

This project will shape the future in many ways creating a relevant and popular ATM for a new generation of consumers.

Member of the month, GCB Bank, discusses their experiences with ATMIA
We spoke to Emelia Sackey, ATM Channel Manager, about their relationship with ATMIA:
What do you think about ATMIA? Why did you join?
  • I needed expert resources on the ATM Industry for my job.
What is the key value you and your company want to get out of ATMIA in the year ahead?
  • Continue the good service and resources you have been providing.
What does your company feel are the key benefits of your ATMIA Membership?
  • Expert Advise from ATMIA.
Do you attend our events?
  • Not yet.
How would you sum up in one sentence the value to your organisation of belonging to ATMIA?
  • Expert Knowledge acquired and implemented in GCB Bank.
Would you suggest anything that could possibly make the membership even more beneficial to you?
  • Quarterly report on members activity to me to ensure all are utilizing all or some benefits from ATMIA.

ATM Industry News and Items of Interest

Advancing the ATM Mission Against COVID-19

Against the backdrop of this world war against the new coronavirus, the ATM industry has a mission to re-position itself for future growth as soon as the pandemic peaks.
Mashreq Launches Initiative To Bring In #PositiveChange This Ramadan
Mashreq, one of the leading financial institutions in the UAE, today announced its commitment to bring in #PositiveChange this Ramadan by encouraging a message of solidarity and positive action across the wider community.
Attijariwafa bank ATMs to provide COVID-19 Pandemic Management Fund

Attijariwafa bank (Morocco) is opening its network of ATMs to the poorest households in the country who will benefit from the assistance of the newly announced COVID-19 Pandemic Management Fund.

Standard Bank offers free digital literacy course

Standard Bank offers a free online Microsoft Digital Literacy Course to all South Africans in partnership with Pioneering Solutions Studio.

FNB welcomes COVID-19 Loan Scheme

FNB has welcomed the President's announcement of the R200bn COVID-19 Loan Scheme to enable commercial banks to help businesses that are unable to meet their financial obligations during the lockdown thus ensuring their resilience for when the economy reopens. 

A note to Managers who are hiring - the ATM Industry Career Center is here to help!

We understand that Hiring Managers are looking for more than a simple job board, when it comes to finding and recruiting new ATM channel talent.  The ATM Industry Career Center is a robust recruiting resource that you will want to check out – and offering a “Back to Work” promotion for the month of June.

Employers can set up a free account on the ATM Industry Career Center website. ATMIA membership is not required, but members do receive discounted rates. Once your account is set up:
  • Post jobs online quickly and easily, including confidential postings
  • Manage applications
  • Search resume
  • Set up and email resume alerts
Make your company stand out among other employers with a variety of branding opportunities.
  • Create and attach a 60-second video to your postings
  • Use an enhanced job posting that can include elements of your company profile
  • Create and post a company profile page
  • Be part of the banner ad rotation
  • Make your posting a Featured Job to gain more attention

For the entire month of June, purchase two 30-day postings for the price of one, and use them any time during the next six months.  So be ready to start re-hiring when the time is right.  

Contact ATMIA USA Executive Director, David Tente for more information.
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Andrew Dean is Executive Director for ATMIA Middle East. He's available to help you and your business navigate all things ATM.

Feel free to reach Andrew by email at andrew.dean@atmia.com or telephone +27 (0) 82 577.9921 Mobile or +27 (0) 21 712.6604 Office.
Member of the month:
GCB Bank 

GCB Bank Limited formally known as Ghana Commercial Bank is the largest bank in Ghana in terms of total operating assets and share of industry deposits, with 14.2% of total industry deposits.

They have been loyal members since 2015. 

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  • ATM Security
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