Open to read the latest news from Woodward ...
Open to read the latest news from Woodward ...

October 2021

Dear Woodward Families,
As I’m sure your student can attest, there are still a number of ways that school doesn’t feel normal yet, what with wearing masks all day, distancing during lunch time, and some of the other safety measures.  Still, I have to say that our students have been so cooperative with the COVID guidelines, especially considering that these teens and tweens are hardwired to question whatever feels like the “silly rules of adults.”
That said, there’s a lot that does feel normal compared to last year.  Our Track and Field Team of nearly 100 students just finished up their season of competitions.  A number of clubs have begun meeting (see details below).  Our student leaders continue to plan events for our school community.  And we just celebrated our 100th episode of “Wake Up Woodward!”  This video bulletin replaced daily intercom announcements during remote learning last year and started a tradition of student-produced content that we have been happy to carry into this year.  We are also on the eve of our first Spirit Week.  Next week, students are encouraged to join in daily dress-up days which will culminate in our first virtual assembly of the year next Friday.
So much of what was missing last year were all of the out-of-class activities that pull students together with a sense of school community.  Many students are still figuring out how to reconnect to school, so I hope that you will help encourage your student to take some healthy social risks and engage with some activities.
I also want to call attention to our before-school Homework Club.  Whether a student is looking for some help on an assignment, needs to make-up a test, or just wants a quiet place to work, this could be the place for them.  Check-in through the main office is 8:00-8:20am each morning, and students are released at 8:55 (we let them leave a little early if they want a free school breakfast).  Staff are there to supervise and provide academic support.  Some students come regularly and others access just when they need it.  Either way, it’s a great chance to make their effort more productive.
Lastly, I want to thank all those parents who stepped up to lead our Parent Teacher Organization (PTO) this year.  From supporting our teachers with grants and appreciation events to organizing and/or funding many of the enriching activities like the ones mentioned above, Woodward would not be the same without this partnership and support.  You’ll be hearing more about their one-and-only fundraiser, Fallapalooza, which is coming up.  Please know that your support makes a huge difference to our school community for every student.
Go Wildcats!
Sebastian Ziz
WMS Principal
Woodward Staff celebrating 100 days of Wake Up Woodward (WUW)!
The Parent Teacher Organization welcomes you to the 2021 - 2022 school year!  Our next PTO meeting will be held Monday, November 8th at 9:30am.  We will let you know in early November if it's in person or by Zoom.  Our annual Fallapalooza fundraiser will be launched soon with details to follow.  Let's support our teachers, staff and students this year!  Here are our PTO Board Members:
CO-PRESIDENTS:  Stephanie Buffkin and Valerie Mukherjee
TREASURER:  Kate Cressall
SECRETARY:  Carmen Bremer
8TH GRADE BANQUET:  Karen Hall and Holly Rohrbacher

Don't forget to like us on Facebook:  "Woodward Middle School PTO".
From the Woodward Counseling Office:
Middle School is a time that can be both exciting and challenging!  It’s a time of so many social/emotional and physical changes that every day is different.  We love being able to help support and guide 7th and 8th grade students and families during this important time of life.
Counseling services at Woodward Middle School are available for every student. These services include assistance with home, school and/or social concerns, or any topic a student would like to discuss.  As a parent, if you wish to share with us about your student, please contact us:
Patti Beer - 8th Grade Counselor
(206) 780-4507,
Sue Constan - 7th Grade Counselor
(206) 780-4506,
Molly Webber - Counseling Secretary/Registrar
(206) 780-4503,
Midweek Mindfulness
On Wednesdays during lunch free time, we offer Midweek Mindfulness, a time for students to learn more about the practice of mindfulness.  These are 25 minute sessions where we explore yoga and mindfulness techniques using videos and activities from Yoga Calm, Mind UP,, A Still Quiet Place and Yoga and Mindfulness Practices for TeensMidweek Mindfulness is an optional activity for students to choose if they would like an alternative to the library or gym during their mid-day free time. These sessions are held in classroom 206.
Student Attendance During COVID
Reminder about Monitoring Your Student’s Health: When your student has the sniffles or a headache, we know what we’d usually do, but COVID has changed how we respond when students show up sick.  The best thing is to keep students home so that we don’t need to contact you to pick them up during the day.  Please review, When can Your Child Return to School?
Campus Expectations for Students

Last month, Principal Ziz gave classroom presentations to all students to discuss a variety of topics on school safety and expectations.  He explained school policy on harassment, intimidation, and bullying, and he discussed how students should respond if they witness or experience any of this.  He also went over highlights of the campus expectatons and gave each student a copy of this condensed Campus Expectations 2021-2022.  We believe that telling students what we expect is far better than relying on, "You should know better."

Next week is Spirit Week (October 25 - 29).  Here is the schedule:
Monday 10/25 - Pajama Day
Tuesday 10/26 - Green vs. White Day (Woodward Colors) - 7th graders wear green, 8th graders wear white.  Have at it Wildcats!
Wednesday 10/27 - Wacky Wednesday
Thursday 10/28 - Throwback Thursday - pick your favorite decade for dressing up.
Friday 10/29 - Halloween Costumes - with school regulations in place.  See below.
Costume Guidelines
Costumes may be worn to school so long as they do not interfere with classroom learning and allow all students to feel safe and welcome at school.

Specifically, costumes should:
  • Leave your eye area and ears visible.  Eye area is the whole space between the forehead and COVID mask.
  • Not interfere with wearing a COVID mask against the skin as usual.
  • Not include fake blood, weapons, or content that violates the dress code.
  • Allow you and others to participate fully in class (e.g., not a huge blowup dinosaur suit that keeps others from seeing around you).
  • Allow you to sit in your desk comfortably.
  • Avoid cultural appropriation.  Cultural appropriation is pretending to be a stereotypical member of a group of people who could feel disrespected by your portrayal.  Some examples are a Native American chief costume, a cross-dressing costume, or a priest costume.  Conversely, dressing up as a rock star would not be offensive to actual rock stars.
If students have questions about what is appropriate, feel free to ask an administrator ahead of time.
Wildcat Clubs & Activities
Before School Clubs:
Builders Club

Ally Group
Homework Club (Library)
During School Clubs:
Midweek Mindfulness
After School Clubs:
Knowledge Bowl
Family, Career and Community Leaders of America -    (FCCLA)
Technology Student Association - (TSA)
For more information on these clubs, click the link below:
Boys Basketball
The Boys Basketball season runs from November 1 through December 17.  Registration is currently open with a deadline of November 1.  Boys Basketball is a cut sport with tryouts on November 1, 2 and 3.  For more information, click below:
Boys Basketball
Girls Basketball
The Girls Basketball season runs from
January 10 through March 7.  Girls Basketball is also a cut sport.  Registration and further information will follow in December.
 NOTE:  Spectating at basketball games is allowed under these circumstances:
Mask wearing is a must at all times regardless of vacination status.
Spectators must socially distance themselves from each other.  However, members of the same household can sit together.

OCTOBER 25 - 29

NOVEMBER 1, 2 & 3
NOVEMBER 8  @  9:30AM
NOVEMBER 24, 25, 26

Nondiscrimination Statement:  Bainbridge Island School District School District does not discriminate in any programs or activities on the basis of sex, race, creed, religion, color, national origin, age, veteran or military status, sexual orientation, gender expression, gender identity, disability, or the use of a trained dog guide or service animal and provides equal access to the Boy Scouts and other designated youth groups.  For questions, please contact Civil Rights Coordinator, Erin Murphy at
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