She was considering having an abortion because that is what Planned Parenth
She was considering having an abortion because that is what Planned Parenth
October 2015
Ministry Update
Engage, Equip, Embrace.

One Life Saved

Sidewalk Report: Marcos Espinoza, Outreach Director
"I was praying outside of the Fresno abortion clinic and spotted a young lady coming out of the clinic. She walked out slowly and then sat down near the front door.
She was looking down at the ground but every few seconds she would look up at us on the sidewalk. 
I made eye contact with her and said hi. I asked her if she needed help or if she wanted to talk to someone. She did not answer me but got up and started walking towards me. We introduced ourselves and I asked her why she was upset and she started to tell me she had one child at home already, her boyfriend just left her and she just found out she was pregnant again. She took a walk outside the clinic to think about what she wanted to do. 
She was considering having an abortion because that is what Planned Parenthood told her was the best option in her situation.
I was glad she did not make a decision right away and chose to walk out for a brief moment, because it was then that I was able to share with her the resources and the people who can help her. She was not aware of the Pregnancy Care Center and all they have to offer. I gave her information about child development and showed her what her baby looks like. 
She started to cry and thanked me for giving her the information she needed to make the correct choice. She looked convinced that choosing life was the only option. 
I pray that she continues to value life, carries her baby to term and gives that baby the same love and care she does her other child."


We are a little over halfway through our 40 Days for Life campaign. It is not too late to begin participating in this life-saving ministry. Join us any day from 7am-7pm as we continue to pray for the dignity of all human life. 
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Central California Women's Conference:
Baby Saved!
All the volunteers had a great time at the women's conference, however, one volunteer, Marianne, had the opportunity to witness the life of a baby who was saved by 40 Days for Life. The mother approached Marianne saying:
"I want you know, this is a "40 Days for Life" baby!"
When asked to explain, the mother said that she had made an appointment at Planned Parenthood on Fulton Street and she came across our volunteers in front of the clinic holding up signs and praying.
She had a conversation with one who helped her decide to keep her child.
Marianne asked the mother how she was doing now, and she responded:
"I am great, I mean look at my precious little girl right here, she is 11 months old and I am so happy that I have her and I wouldn't have her if it was not for those people praying that day."

October Outreach

Engaging and Educating the community
-Fresno Fair (Oct. 7-18th) More Pictures
-Diocesan Congress (Oct. 11-12th) More Pictures
-Saint Columba Catholic Church (Chowchilla)
-Sacred Heart Catholic Church
Together we will have spent over 480 hours in prayer in front of the local Planned Parenthood. Now, allow us to show our love and appreciation to you, our volunteers.
When: Monday, Nov. 2nd
Where: St. James Anglican Cathedral
4147 E. Dakota Ave., Fresno CA 93726
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Save the Date

Save the Date!
27th Annual Christmas Dinner and Auction
Friday, December 4, 2015
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For less than $1 per day, you can help us teach young people the truth about abortion, stem cell research, and many other vitally important bio-ethical issues. Just indicate our 300 Club campaign when you donate.
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Protest Planned Parenthood Rallies
We thank everyone who came out to join in these two protest rallies against Planned Parenthood. On August 22nd, we had around 350 people come and support, and a little over 100 on October 10th. We are also happy to announce there were 3 stations (ABC 30, KMPH, & Univsion 21) who came out cover the rally on October 10th. You can see one of them below.
ABC 30
There is Hope and Healing
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