Learn more about OSH, EGR test-out dates, and the CIS discord
Learn more about OSH, EGR test-out dates, and the CIS discord
Grand Valley State University
PCEC Student Services Newsletter for F21 semester in week 11
Dear PCEC Student,
We hope you had time to enjoy the beautiful weather this week! Now that the weather has turned cool and it looks like you will be inside a little more. Remember to still take care of yourself during this time. 
In this newsletter, you'll learn more about the EGR test-out dates, occupational safety and health management major, and how to join the computing discord channel. Keep reading to see the added fun that's in here too. 
Have a great week!
The PCEC Advising Team
Thank you Veterans

PCEC Project Day

PCEC Project Day showcases the work of undergraduate and graduate students in computing, engineering, and occupational safety and health management majors. Projects are a cumulation of what PCEC students learned in the classroom along with soft skills and teamwork.
We invite the Greater Grand Rapids area high schools to the Shape Corp. Innovation Design Center on the PEW campus to interact with our PCEC students, staff, and faculty.We hope you join us so you can see the excellence that is displayed and feel that "the future looks bright"!
To find more information about PCEC Project Day please click here. 
Video that is an overview of the Occupational Safety & Health Management undergraduate program

Program Highlight:

Occupational Safety and Health

A profession in which individuals are responsible for analyzing operating procedures, materials, machines, and conditions at worksites to determine risks of injury, occupational disease, and damage to property and equipment. Safety and Health professionals develop measures for controlling workplace hazards and limiting financial loss. Professionals may specialize in transportation, construction, environmental problems, product design, insurance loss control, fire and property protection, and the health care industry. For more information please visit, www.gvsu.edu/osh. Follow them on social media to learn more about their current events and to stay connected with them. 
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Calling all CS, IS, IT, and CBS students!
There is a Discord available to you! To connect with other GVSU CIS students, staff, and faculty, please go to: https://discord.gg/n9q5dnd.

Fantasy Football Update

The top FIVE rankings after week 10 are the following:

1. Rebecca Kolodge
2. Sara Wheeler
3. Elizabeth Brand
4. Jenna Case, PCEC Outreach Graduate Assistant
5. Hannah Beatus, PCEC Advising Graduate Assistant

The top game of the week is Rebecca and Sara! It's going to be a week for the unexpected to happen. Tweet at us who you think is going to win this week's game of the week! 

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Upcoming Dates:

November 23-27: Thanksgiving Recess
December 8 (9-11a): PCEC Project Day
December 10: Commencement
December 12-17: Final Exam Week
December 16: Winter 2022 Tuition Payment due by 5p 
December 22: Secondary Admission Application Open 
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