Feel-Good Videos, Health/Fitness Sites, Pet Scam Warning, and Much More
Feel-Good Videos, Health/Fitness Sites, Pet Scam Warning, and Much More
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  June 2020  
Dial Before You Dig

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Now more than ever, calling 811 is essential to keeping people connected. All sorts of utility lines, pipes, and cables could be buried on your property.

Don't forget about your easements! Remember, they are legally binding agreements that may impact your ability to install a fence, build onto your house, construct a shed, and plant trees and shrubbery. Review your legal documentation before beginning any projects.

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Biggest Fireworks Ever
These record-setting fireworks were set off earlier this year in Steamboat Springs, Colorado, and literally lit up the night sky.
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Dance For Hope
To honor the medical personnel at work during the pandemic, talented Irish dancers perform their craft from home.
Download Images to View Get A One-Time $15 Credit When You Choose To Receive Your Bill Only Online

Get a $15 one-time credit when you switch to receiving your bill only online. Not only will you reduce paper clutter, but you'll also have extra money in your bank account.

Download Images to View Watch The Hunt On Demand Now

A group of working-class people must battle to survive when they are hunted by a group of wealthy elites. The Hunt stars Ike Barinholtz and Betty Gilpin. Rent this thriller by pressing the On Demand button on your Alliance remote.

Click here to see other movies available On Demand.
Download Images to View Double Your Internet Speed For Only $10

Did you know you can double your Internet speed for only $10/more per month? Now more than ever, your Internet connection is a vital part of your life. That's why Alliance recently reduced the prices of our fastest Internet packages. Now it's easier for you to choose the speed that fits both your lifestyle and budget.

CDC COVID-19 Updates  
CDC COVID-19 Updates
Visit this site to see statistics about the pandemic including a map of cases and deaths by state.
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Garden Therapy  
Garden Therapy
Get garden-related projects, crafts, and recipes to help you live a better life by using plants.
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Health & Fitness Videos  
Health & Fitness Videos
Miss your gym? The YMCA has you covered with a great variety of online exercise videos.
Learn more...
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Pasta Primavera
Learn how to adorn your pasta with the perfect combination of veggies. Pair with a salad for a light summer supper.
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Classic Chocolate Chip Cookies
Discover the secret ingredient that makes these cookies crispy outside and chewy inside, with just the right sweetness.
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Adorable Outdoor Pillow
Beat the stay-at-home blues by creating something that's functional and cute. This easy pillow project checks both boxes.
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Watering Can That Pours Crystals
A metal watering can is the starting point for this outdoor decoration. Just attach crystals to the spout, hang, and enjoy.
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