You Asked and We Listened
You Asked and We Listened
March 25th, 2022
New West Short
New SECURE Email Service 
You Asked and We Listened
Although our current email system was secure, we've decided to step it up a notch by adding eM4 compliance and offer our agents FREE access.  
How will it look when you receive a secure email from us?
You have received 1 secure email(s) from an employee at New West Insurance-HOSTED. To protect you and your customers non-public information, New West Insurance-HOSTED has implemented this secure email solution. To view your secure message(s) please click on the link(s) below.

Message from melissa(at)newwestinsurance(dot)com Click here to read message
Simple as password required. Any response will also be secure.

Now to the really exciting part!  When the message opens, in the right hand corner there is the option to "sign up" for webmail from Paperclip.  This is FREE to New West agents. Once you are signed up, save the web address: to your browser settings.  From here you can initiate secure emails to our team.  Note that secure emails do take a bit longer to send and receive.  
"ALL email sent from this portal (including reply messages) will be protected and sent securely."
Contact me for more information or ask anyone on our team that you correspond with to send you a secure email to get started.    

Melissa Church
Director of Marketing
208-622-5211 x 2
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