Thanks from Discovering MErcy, Secondary Trauma Tips, New Testimonies
Thanks from Discovering MErcy, Secondary Trauma Tips, New Testimonies
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October 2019 Newsletter

Insights into Our Mission of Helping Hurting Hearts

You Are
Our Missing Piece!

Thanks to all who supported us at the Naked Bible Conference in Dallas!

by Fern, Executive Director

What a wonderful reception we had at the kick off Friday evening of the Naked Bible Conference in Dallas recently. You came to us with wide eyes and open hearts and we appreciated the time to explain more about our ministry and counseling efforts around trauma-based mind control and severe ritual abuse. Many of you shared your stories and offered to help support us in a variety of ways, and we were so touched at your generousity. 

As one of only two counselors working with clients, while also creating curriculum content, please know from the bottoms of our hearts how much it warmed us to know you stand with us and care about hearts that are hurting. We are honored to bring the love of Christ to the hearts of our clients. We want you to know God poured His strength into us through your support at the event and we are so grateful. We know it is only TOGETHER we can fully show God's love to one another and increase our impact for trauma survivors.

If we missed connecting with you, we'd love to do so here. To connect with us, reach us here.
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When you feel burnt out from secondary stress, take time to listen to your symptoms.

Can Family & Friends Suffer from
Secondary Trauma?

by Ashly Ash, Board Member

Secondary traumatic stress is a risk when we support and engage wholeheartedly with a trauma survivor. More recently, secondary traumatic stress has come to the front as an issue separate from burnout, and it should be addressed.

While burnout is a state of physical, emotional, and mental exhaustion caused by long-term involvement in emotionally demanding situations, secondary trauma often occurs when there is interaction between the supporter and survivor and the supporter becomes traumatized. Secondary traumatic stress is often used interchangeably or referred to as "vicarious trauma."

There are many indicators of secondary traumatic stress including but not limited to: anger, sadness, prolonged grief, anxiety, depression, headaches, stomachaches, fatigue, constipation, cynicism, mood swings, isolationism, avoidance and lack of motivation.

If you are supporting a survivor of severe trauma and feel a number of these symptoms, confirm your suspicion of secondary traumatic stress, we urge you to check in with your own needs and make self-care a priority.

Leaving secondary traumatic stress undealt with can bring an entourage of other problems both physically and psychologically. It is important to take care of yourself when you are supporting a survivor of trauma or trauma-based mind control. Remember the childhood song, “I’m a little Teapot”? Well, your teapot must be full before you can sing “tip me over and pour me out!”

Go deeper for tips on combatting secondary trauma mentally and physically.
Find more resources for helping a loved one.

Testimony Time: 'Feeling a Sense of Belonging for the First Time'

In urging our supporters to boost our adopt-a-heart program sponsoring trauma survivors for counseling, we share Nancy's Story as a demonstration of our impact.

"Until I went to Discovering MErcy I had never known the feeling of belonging anywhere. I became a Christian over 20 years ago. When I read the verse that says 'this is not my home' I just assumed that the verse must be explaining this feeling. But it wasn’t. I actually experienced the feeling of knowing that I belong for the first time in my life at Discovering MErcy. I never realized that that was just part of being human. Without you I would not where I am today. I am loving life. Good things are happening continuously. We're getting there. THANK YOU!"

Because of my counseling
with Discovering MErcy I can now...

.....understand the methods I’ve depended on to keep myself in a destructive cycle of anger and hiding from my true self (my heart).

...Grasp critical events that occurred in my life at a young age by being given a clear, empirical roadmap.

...Use the tools they have given me to stay married and parent.

...Live life more fully..... when I didn't even know I wasn't living life before, but merely existing.

Read Jordan, Zoe or Dina's Story on our testimony portion of our Web site.
Be part of the team that helps support trauma survivors!

What We've Been Up To, By the Numbers:

From January 1 up to September 30, 2019, Discovering MErcy has: 
  • Counseled 128 clients
  • Provided 702 hours of counseling
  • Invested 543 hours in creating curriculum
  • Received 650 volunteer hours
  • Connected with 331 Facebook fans and 59 YouTube subscribers

    Our website,, has received 12.5k page views to date, from visitors in the US, Canada, India, UK, Austrailia, South Africa, The Phillippines, Germany, Belgium and Nigeria.

    Check out Who We Are; What We Do,Getting Started, Resources and How to Help. Don't miss our incredible Testimonies! Thank you for checking it out and sharing with family and friends!

Sign Up to Serve on Our
Prayer Team

We are finalizing our small group who have agreed to dedicate themselves to serving as monthly prayer partners for Discovering MErcy. Friends of Discovering MErcy will receive two quick email updates monthly from Fern and Audrey beginning in November to pray for specifics of our organization. To serve on our prayer team, please contact Kara Fort. Thanks!

List of Prayer Requests

  • Wisdom and strength for us to manage and accomplish strategic goals for this year and beyond.
  • Financial support for Fearless Love Scholarship Fund for survivors on their journey out of fear and into love.
  • The ability to balance an influx of clients who need ministry time along with dedicated time to produce curriculum content.
  • Support for our curriculum project so we can teach and mentor others how to minister and care for survivors around the world.

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Search for Discovering MErcy at

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Thank you for your continuous support!

-Fern & Audrey

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