Stay informed on the latest happenings in PCEC!
Stay informed on the latest happenings in PCEC!
Grand Valley State University
Padnos College of Engineering & Computing Newsletter
Dr. Paul Plotkowski, Dean
Padnos College of Engineering
and Computing
Dean's Message:
Dear Colleagues and Friends,

Fall is here and it’s great to have our students back on campus. This year certainly looks different with all of the mask-wearing and social distancing requirements but I am heartened by the ways that our campus community has come together to support and protect one another. PCEC employees have been promoting a safe, healthy campus environment by sharing photos of themselves wearing their masks. We invite students to participate as well!

During these trying times I am happy to be able to share with you some of the great things that are happening within the Padnos College. Enrollment in our high-demand programs remains strong in spite of COVID and we had the pleasure of welcoming several new faculty and staff members to the college this fall. An exciting new grant through the National Science Foundation will provide support for engineering students earning a combined undergraduate / graduate degree. Our PCEC Advising team is working hard to help family and friends support their PCEC students by making important updates available via newsletters and online. PCEC alumni are increasingly involved with students and with the college. Community support is more important than ever right now and we encourage you to join us in supporting the college experience of our students.

As always, I enjoy hearing from you. If you have questions or comments, follow this link to
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Engineering Project
Padnos College of Engineering & Computing Earns Grant for Combined Degree Program
The Padnos College of Engineering and Computing has been awarded a nearly $1 million grant from the National Science Foundation (NSF) for a program that will support students who are earning a combined bachelor's and master's degree in engineering.

Over the five years of the program, the $967,019 award will provide financial support to 30 full-time undergraduate engineering students who will go on to pursue a master's degree in engineering through the university's combined degree program. Students selected for the program will receive scholarship support in their final year of undergraduate study and the first year of their graduate program.

The scholarship program is intended to encourage academically talented students from low-income backgrounds to pursue a combined degree in engineering. In addition to scholarships, the program will provide curricular and other support structures. The program will also provide faculty mentoring, cohort immersion, peer mentoring, experiential learning, research activities and much more.

"This unique NSF grant project provides great support for our high- achieving students in engineering who might not have considered completing a master’s degree due to financial limitations or family obligations," said Paul Plotkowski, Dean of the Padnos College of Engineering and Computing, "The mentoring of these students by experienced faculty is known to be as important as the scholarship support."

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PCEC Advising Team
Joshua Hulst
Joshua Hulst
Computer Science Alum Receives 40 Under 40 Recognition from Grand Rapids Business Journal
Joshua Hulst graduated from GVSU with a B.S. in Computer Science in 2009. He was just recognized by Grand Rapids Business Journal as one of the 40 Under 40 recipients. After graduating from GVSU, Joshua completed his M.S. in Computer Science at Michigan State University. An avid life-long learner, Joshua is currently working on his MBA at the University of Michigan.  
After working for a time at GE Aviation, Joshua co-founded Michigan Software Labs with Mark Johnson, where he continues to serve as a Managing Partner, consulting with clients to deliver custom software strategy and leading internal teams to deliver software solutions. Since its launch in 2010, Michigan Software Labs has grown rapidly. Based in Ada, Michigan, the firm has grown to a team of 30 professionals delivering custom software solutions to Fortune 500 companies such as Caterpillar, Danaher, and many others.

Under Joshua and Mark’s leadership, Michigan Software Labs has also earned a number of industry recognitions, such as Inc. Magazine’s Best Workplaces, Clutch Top UX Design Agencies in the USA, and most recently, West Michigan’s Best and Brightest Companies to work for. Recently, the company announced it will invest over $840k to add 27 additional jobs at its Ada location, partially supported by a Michigan Business Development Program performance-based grant of $108k.

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Stephen Wierenga
Stephen Wierenga
Engineering Alum Receives Homegrown Hero Award
School of Engineering alum, Stephen Wierenga, was recently recognized by the Allendale Rotary Club, receiving the Homegrown Hero Award for his contributions to the community. He serves as a member of the Allendale Chamber of Commerce board, was involved in the crucial efforts undertaken by 3DC19 to create personal protective equipment in response to COVID-19, and is the founder of Perception Engineering, an Allendale-based engineering firm focused on providing design assistance and high quality engineering solutions.

Stephen completed his degree in mechanical engineering at GVSU in 2012, officially formed Perception Engineering in 2013, and hired his first employee in 2016. Now, their team of eight employees works out of the Allendale industrial complex. During this process, Stephen discovered his passion for building a business, developing people, and leading projects.

After COVID hit Michigan, Stephen and a colleague from GVSU, Chris Kaminsky, were having a conversation about how they could respond to COVID when they decided to begin making personal protective equipment (PPE). Stephen and Chris prototyped and began printing face shields, preparing 50 shields to be sent to Bronson Hospital in less than a day’s time. They quickly combined efforts with others doing similar work creating PPE in West Michigan and 3DC19 was formed. Stephen was amazed at how rapidly and effectively everything came together. “We couldn’t 3D print fast enough,” he said. “After an injection molding tool was donated, it took us two weeks to go from an idea to production.” He was also blown away by the community in West Michigan. “The business community was so ready to step up; put aside competitive differences; volunteer equipment, time, and teams; and work together to solve the problem,” Stephen said. “It was really eye-opening.”
Alex Case
Alex Case, Laker Effect Video Star
PCEC Alumni: We Need Your Help!
Please complete the PCEC Alumni Engagement Survey to let us know how you would like to be involved with PCEC, what resources you need, and how we can support you. We appreciate your time and feedback! 
Are you willing to create a short (3 minutes or less) video on your career journey for GVSU and K-12 students exploring their options? We would love to feature you and your work!
Do you have exciting professional updates to share with your colleagues from GVSU? Let us know! 
Email updates and interest in volunteering to Casey Thelenwood, PCEC Assistant Dean:
Share Your Mask Photo
PCEC Students: Help Promote Mask Wearing to Keep Campus Healthy
We all want to have a safe, healthy, awesome year on the GVSU campus. With the Ottawa County Health Department's "Staying in Place Order" in effect through October 1st, it's more important than ever to promote healthy activity on campus.
PCEC students, we need your help! Share a photo of you wearing your face mask for a chance to be featured on PCEC social media and win a free PCEC t-shirt.
Email to Casey Thelenwood, PCEC Assistant Dean:
Thank you for doing your part to protect yourself and others and stop the spread of COVID-19!
Dr. Vijay Bhuse
Dr. Vijay Bhuse
Computer Science Professor Advises Local Schools After Zoom Meeting Hack
Professor of Computer Science, Dr. Vijay Bhuse, was interviewed by WZZM13 earlier this month in response to reports that a Zoom classroom meeting at Godfrey-Lee Public Schools was interrupted by a non-student participant.
13 ON YOUR SIDE asked Dr. Bhuse about how vulnerable virtual classrooms are to cyber hacking. "Any software that you connect to the internet is susceptible to hacking," explained Bhuse. "The thing with Zoom is it became so popular so quickly it is possible that they may not have tested everything extensively."
Dr. Bhuse recommended that school districts use all of the security features available in Zoom and be sure not to share invite links with anyone who is not a trusted participant. Even so, vulnerabilities to hacking still exist. "Zoom hacking is the equivalent of someone walking into the classroom, and it is definitely an invasion of privacy," said Bhuse. "Zoom has been hacked before. This isn't the first time and this won't be the last time either."
PSM Virtual Fair
Considering a Professional Science Master's Degree? Check out the PSM Virtual Fair!
The Professional Science Master's (PSM) degree trains students in both science and professional skills to make them highly competitive in the workforce.
GVSU offers four PSM programs:
  • Biostatistics, M.S.
  • Cell and Molecular Biology (Biotechnology), M.S.
  • Data Science and Analytics, M.S.
  • Health Informatics and Bioinformatics, M.S.
Register to join the PSM Graduate School Virtual Fair on October 16, 2020 from 12:00 - 6:00 p.m. (EST) to learn more.
PCEC Faculty Articles Available in Prominent Publications
Three PCEC faculty members have recently had their work published in major journals and magazines in their fields. 

Dr. Princewill Anyalebechi, Professor of Product Design and Manufacturing Engineering, published the article, "A Qualitative Study of the Influence of Grooved Mold Surface Topography on the Formation of Surface Marks on As-Cast Ingots of Aluminum Alloy 3003," in the Journal of Materials Sciences & Applications. This study examines the effects of the wavelength and orientation of machined grooves on a mold surface.

Dr. Blake Ashby, Associate Professor of Mechanical Engineering, published the paper, “Theoretical Justification for Distal Foot Power Equation,” in the Journal of Biomechanics. This article works to provide a justification of the distal foot power equation. 

Dr. Bogdan Adamczyk, Engineering Professor and Director of the GVSU Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) Center, had three articles published with In Compliance magazine. Two of the articles are dedicated to the use of dipole-type antennas in EMC testing, and the other is an introduction to the basics of a Switched-Mode Power Supply:
Principles of Switched-Mode Power Supply Design for EMC Performance

We would like to congratulate them on their accomplishments and look forward to their future work. 
Dr. Bogdan Adamczyk
Dr. Bogdan Adamczyk
Dr. Princewill Anyalebechi
Dr. Princewill Anyalebechi
Dr. Blake Ashby
Dr. Blake Ashby
New PCEC employees
PCEC Welcomes New Employees
We are excited to have several new team members in the Padnos College this year! Please join us in welcoming our newest faculty and staff members to Grand Valley State University.
  • Jared Bergeron, Freshmen Laboratory Technician, School of Engineering
  • Dr. Denton Bobeldyk, Assistant Professor, School of Computing & Information Systems
  • Dr. James Boit, Assistant Professor, School of Computing & Information Systems
  • Josh Bourdon, User Support Specialist, Padnos College / High Performance Computing (HPC) Team
  • John Doneth, Software Engineer, applied Medical Device Institute
  • Dr. Michelle Dowling, Assistant Professor, School of Computing & Information Systems
  • Dr. Erik Fredericks, Assistant Professor, School of Computing & Information Systems
  • Thomas Holcomb, Network Systems Engineer and Adjunct Faculty, Padnos College / School of Computing & Information Systems
  • Dr. Sungchul Lee, Assistant Professor, School of Computing & Information Systems
  • Dr. Rajvardhan Patil, Assistant Professor, School of Computing & Information Systems
  • Dr. Rahat Rafiq, Assistant Professor, School of Computing & Information Systems
  • Jonnathan Resendiz, Affiliate Faculty, School of Computing & Information Systems
  • Shrutika Thakur, Full Stack Application Developer, Padnos College / High Performance Computing (HPC) Team
  • Dr. Thomas Salvatierra, Assistant Professor, School of Engineering
Laker for a Lifetime
GVSU's Laker Lifetime Learning Commitment
Alumni, have you heard of the new Laker Lifetime Learning (L3) Commitment? All GVSU graduates are eligible for a $1,000 lifetime award to continue their education at GVSU.
Students may use their L3 account funds toward credit-bearing coursework for all GVSU programs, including badges, certificates, advanced degrees, and additional bachelor’s degrees. Recipients do not need to be officially degree-seeking. 

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