Aggieland Saturday 

Texas A&M opened the campus for thousands of prospective students and their families last Saturday for Aggieland Saturday. On a beautiful day, the Corps of Cadets was fully engaged in this major university event, and cadets could be seen all around campus helping people with directions, providing refreshments, and spreading the good word about the Corps. The Aggie Band, Fish Drill Team, Ross Volunteers, Rudder’s Rangers, SEAL Platoon, Recon Platoon, Special Tactics Squadron, and Corps Athletics Teams performed throughout the day for literally thousands of interested on-lookers and passers-by. In addition, Parsons Mounted Cavalry rode around campus showcasing their horsemanship and their pride in their outfit. I’m very proud of all of the cadets who participated in Aggieland Saturday events and spoke with parents and prospective students about Texas A&M and the Corps of Cadets. Many of those who visited campus that day commented on how impressive our cadets were and what a big difference they made on campus. Once again our cadets were at the forefront of supporting major university events like Aggieland Saturday, and were able to positively represent our Corps and our University to prospective students and their families. A job well done by all!
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Cadets Named to Prestigious National Organization

Congratulations to the 27 cadets selected to “Who’s Who Among American Universities and Colleges” at Texas A&M for the 2016-2017 school year! Of the 44 undergraduate students at Texas A&M selected to “Who’s Who,” 27 were cadets – 61% of the total selected! I am extremely pleased at this exceptional recognition for so many of our cadets, and am also very proud of all of them for all that they accomplished to be recognized in such a prestigious way. Congratulations again to our cadets selected to “Who’s Who” for the 2016-2017 school year. Well done by all!
  • Matthew Ballard ‘17
  • Eryn Behne ’17
  • Cole Bordner ’17
  • Katie Brock ‘18
  • Patrick Brophy ’17
  • Colten Claxton ’17
  • Marshal Covin ‘18
  • Kevin Dwyer ’17
  • DeForest Gordy ’17
  • Jonah Haefner ’18
  • Zach Hardy ’18
  • Jarek Ingros ‘17
  • Jill Jackson ’17
  • Brandon Jones ’17
  • Alexander Jones ’18
  • Jackson Kuplack ’17
  • Daniel Leung ‘17
  • Hunter Montgomery ’17
  • Brian Peck ’17
  • Melodie Raese ‘17
  • Roel Ramon ’17
  • Elias Rosedahl ’17
  • Danile Rosenfield ’17
  • Travis Stebbins ’18
  • Kevin Sun ’17
  • Joshua Sutton ’17
  • Kyle Wiggs ‘17

Cadets Run Fundraiser to Give Back to Dear Friend of the Corps

Cadets came together, raised money and presented Albert Bradley, affectionately known as Ol’ Army Al, with a new scooter last Thursday during evening formation. Al was smiling ear-to-ear and even did a little victory lap around Duncan Dining Hall in his maroon painted scooter with a large Corps of Cadets stack on the front,
Albert Bradley grew up in Pennsylvania, went to work on a dairy farm, and then performed missionary work in the middle east.  On returning to the states in the late 1960s he moved to College Station.  Al began talking to cadets almost forty years ago, and started attending formations about twenty years ago. Working on the dairy farm made him into an early riser. Consequentially, after he retired, he decided to check out Corps formations both in the morning and the evening. He made formations a reoccurring part of his day and befriended many cadets throughout the years.
“I am one of the many cadets who have been impacted by Al’s presence and support,” Christopher Haerr ’17 said.  “One evening, coming back from dinner, I saw Al looking at a scooter catalog. After talking to Al, I found out that the scooter Al wanted was out of his budget.”  
Christopher continued to think about that encounter and decided it would be a great opportunity for the cadets to thank Al for all he does for the Corps by presenting him with a new scooter.  Cadet Haerr’s fundraiser was a major success with support coming from cadets, current and past, family and friends, and The Corps of Cadets Association. With the help of another cadet, Wyatt Kamin, who is Al’s good friend, Christopher ordered, arranged shipment and assembled the scooter.   
I am so proud of these cadets and their true show of selfless service, and giving back to someone in the community who supports the Corps of Cadets. It shows just what fine young men and women we have in this organization and I couldn’t be more proud. 
To read an article from Houston station KPRC click here.
To view photos from the event click here

Cadet Feature 

Stuart Lee Seelman ‘17 is an International Studies major with minors in Religious and Arabic Studies from Dallas, Texas.  He is the son of Paul and Kathy Seelman.

Stuart is a distinguished student and Ross Volunteer.  During his sophomore year he was a Company F-1 Fire Team Leader, Scholastics Corporal, and Public Relations Corporal. His junior year he was the 1st Regiment Sergeant Major and he is currently the 1st Regiment Commander.

Off the quad, Stuart is involved in the United Campus Ministry in Aggieland.  He served on the leadership team from 2013 to 2016, and is the currently serving as their co-president.  Stuart also participated in the MSC Student Conference on National Affairs, serving on the External Marketing Subcommittee and Round Table Host in 2013-2014, and was the Director of Operations 2014-2015.  Stuart also studied abroad in Amman, Jordan for 10 weeks for language-intensive program in Arabic in 2015.  Stuart served as the Community Impact Intern at the United Way of the Brazos Valley for the Fall of 2016 where he gained experience in nonprofit management and civic engagement.  During the summer of 2016, Stuart was a staff member for Rebuilding Hope in New Orleans, a ministry which hosts youth groups from across the country for a weeklong program in post-Katrina construction, social justice education, and faith based activities.

Stuart plans to attend a Presbyterian seminary next year, discerning a call to military chaplaincy and parish ministry.  Stuart is an extraordinary cadet who truly enjoys helping others.  The characteristics of service and leadership he has learned during his time as a cadet will assist him in his successful future. Best of luck to you, Stuart!

Cadets Participate in 75th Anniversary of Pearl Harbor

On December 7, 2016, Cadet Liana Salas and Cadet Austin Hernandez joined representatives from the Cavalla Historical Foundation, the American Undersea Warfare Center, and other members of the Galveston community for a ceremony commemorating the 75th Anniversary of Pearl Harbor.  The ceremony took place at Seawolf Park (on Pelican Island), which is home to the submarine USS CAVALLA and the destroyer USS STEWART--both World War II vessels.
The ceremony included remarks from Galveston District 2 Councilman Craig Brown, a representative of the Czech Republic Consulate, a representative from the Office of U.S. Representative Randy Weber, Professor David Lawhon (Texas A&M University at Galveston), CDR Buzz Refugio '94 (Commandant of the Corps of Cadets, Texas A&M Maritime Academy), Mr. Dick Hoffman, and CAPT Zeke Zellmer (U.S. Navy Retired).
To a crowd of more than 100, Councilman Brown stated, "Days like today are a reminder that no matter the loss, America retains the strength to overcome.  We look to the past generations as we can only hope to hold up to their legacy."  
Mr. Hoffman, a World War II veteran, was in college when Pearl Harbor was attacked.  He recalled listening to the news with his friend at a bar in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.  "We knew if we were able-bodied we'd be enlisting," said Hoffman, who would eventually serve as an officer onboard a destroyer escort.  After Professor Lawhon provided his remarks, he displayed the Eisenhower jacket his father (Jerry Reeves Lawhon) wore while serving in the U.S. Army's 42nd Rainbow Division during World War II.  
Final remarks were made by CAPT Zellmer, who served as the captain of the USS CAVALLA when she sank the 30,000 ton aircraft carrier SHOKAKU. 
Immediately following the ceremony, attendees were treated to a tour of the USS CAVALLA and the USS STEWART.  Those touring the USS CAVALLA were treated to a reenactment of her encounter with the SHOKAKU.  Cadet Salas and Cadet Hernandez served as CAVALLA crew members during the reenactment.
For more information about the Undersea Warfare Center, please visit  For more information about the Cavalla Historical Foundation, please visit

Cadet Feature

William Darling ‘17 is a Cadet 1st Class in the Corps of Cadets working to earn his bachelor’s degree in Maritime Transportation as well as a third officers deck certificate. Cadet Darling is the Deck Training Officer for the deck license option cadets. He creates weekly plans to teach freshmen deck cadets the fundamentals of shipping, as well as hands on training onboard the USTS General Rudder.  
“I enrolled in the Texas A&M Maritime Academy to enter into the Marine Transportation program. Family introduced me to the marine industry, and also a mentor who taught me what it was like to be an officer on commercial vessels and what it takes to get there. This insight helped me pursue a career on the largest vessels transporting goods across the sea.”
When asked why he chose Texas A&M at Galveston, William replied, “I decided to attend A&M Galveston for the 3rd mate license, since then I have since completed three and a half school years at the academy. I have enjoyed living on the island and the different options I was able to explore here. For example, the 2016-2017 school year I have served as the Cadet Captain and Deck Training Officer for the Corps. This role has provided me the opportunity to lead a peer-based training program for the license option deck underclassmen. I relish the feeling of being out at sea, and so far I have completed two training cruises and one commercial cruise internship on a dangerous liquid tank vessel, totaling over 250 days at sea. My time at A&M Galveston, and experience onboard ships have prepared me to sail for the rest of my life.”
When asked what his plans were for post-graduation, “When I graduate and obtain my license I plan to sail on tank vessels. I spent my internship on a dangerous liquid tanker, and I thoroughly enjoyed it. That experience led me to my decision of sailing on a tank vessel. Furthermore, I would like to sail as much as possible, and whenever possible to advance my license. I hope to one day be the master of a large tanker sailing to and from the most industrial ports around the world.”
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