Altn-YildizBekirova, Kennen Dorgan, Tanya Korpoetsky

Accessible Airplane Travel

Did you know that you can sit in your wheelchair on a bus, in an accessible van, and on some trains, but not on an airplane? So, if you require a wheelchair to get about in the world, and you must go a long distance, how do you get there? This is a problem Astonished! Core Member, Kennen Dorgan, and All Wheels Up are trying to resolve.

Canada has entered a consultation period on ‘Accessible Transportation for Persons with Disabilities Regulations’. Kennen Dorgan, a Student Researcher in Astonished!, has started a letter-writing campaign to encourage the Canadian Transportation and Safety Agency to create one or two spaces for wheelchairs on airplanes. This would mean people who require their wheelchairs at all times could safely travel long distances.

Kennen and Astonished! are asking you to become part of her letter writing campaign. To learn more about what you can do please click here…

The consultation period ends April 8, 2019.
Megan Nash

A! Spring Gala

Saturday March 9th, 2019 was an amazing night! Thank you to our fabulous sponsors – to the planning team - your attention to detail was perfect - Megan Nash and her band were fabulous - Queensbury Centre at Evraz Place was a gorgeous venue - and the crowd of all ages made our 7th annual Astonished! Gala the best. Check out our amazing sponsors and more photos from the evening………

Photos: Tanys Rae Photography

Grow Gratitude is the Astonished! Inc. annual Fall Fundraising Campaign. Grow Gratitude raises money to fund the innovative and vital work of Astonished! and shares stories of gratitude. 80% of our annual budget comes from generous donors like you. With your help, we are working together with young adults with complex physical disAbilities to reach their dreams, thus creating an innovative and vital expression of social inclusion.  The 2018 Grow Gratitude campaign ran from November 1 to December 31. Thank you to everyone who helped us reach and exceed our goal. To read some gratitude stories...

Meet Lesley Rousseau

To receive a bachelor’s in social work from the University of Regina students must complete two practicums. A practicum involves direct practice in social work agencies or other settings in which students are exposed to situations that call for their active engagement in a helping role. We are delighted that Lesley Rousseau chose to do her major practicum with Astonished! this semester. To read more ....

We gratefully acknowledge the generous financial support from Greystone Managed Investments for the ongoing work of Astonished!

A! Core Member Survey

Astonished! strives to provide programs/initiatives/activities that are in direct response to our Core Members strengths, dreams and needs. We have developed a questionnaire to seek your feedback on our current program offerings and to help us plan for the future.

Currently, Astonished’s mandate is to work alongside young adults (18-35 year olds). As  YOU, (our current Core Members) approach 35 we are looking towards the future. To plan for the future, we need your assistance and ask that you fill out the questionnaire that we have developed!

On April 6th from 1:00-4:00 a few Astonished! people will be set up with computers in the Riddell Centre to provide you with support. This will be a come and go session but we do ask that you tell us ahead of time if you plan on coming. Please rsvp to Katherine Taylor by April 2, 2019.

A! Social Club
Paint Night

Let out your inner artist!

With instruction from our very own Jill Dempsey, she will take us through a fun evening of creativity and inspiration
! All supplies that are needed will be provided for you at the event. See attached picture for the painting we will be completing.

Space is limited, so please RSVP as soon as you can to ensure your chance to attend this awesome event!

We will also need plenty of volunteers, so please let Katherine know if you would like to come!

April 12, 7-9 pm, Harbour Landing Village, Gathering Room (on the basement level)
4000 James Hill Road from 7:00 -9:00

Connections Showcase

This is a three-part series connecting people with disabilities, and their networks, with resources and services in the community.

Have you ever struggled to find information, resources, services and community opportunities? We want to connect you with the right people! Each showcase will include oral presentations and informative exhibits showcasing services, information and opportunities relevant to showcase topics.

Showcase Topics: Funding: Feb. 12, 2019; Housing: May 14, 2019; Well Being and Community Engagement: Sept: 17, 2019. Each event is from 6:00 pm-9:00 pm at mâmawêyatitân centre ( A Cree word meaning “let's be all together”, pronounced ma-ma-waya-ta-tan) 3355 6th Avenue, Regina.

All ages and all abilities welcome. These sessions are open to the community at large. Thanks you to our sponsors for making these events possible. These photos are from the February 12th session on funding. 

Panel of presenters
Kelsey Culbert and Lesley Rousseau

What's Your Style Dance Night

Everyone should have the opportunity to let loose and dance in whatever way the music moves them, regardless of musical taste, dance style or ability. The City of Regina, First Steps Wellness, and Astonished! are teaming together to offer this inclusive dance class, open to everyone, but adapted to meet the needs of individuals experiencing disability. Instruction will be based on a variety of dance culture, which emphasizes enthusiasm, camaraderie and smiles! The next Dance Night is April 11 from 7:00 pm to 9:00 pm at mâmawêyatitân centre ( A Cree word meaning “let's be all together”, pronounced ma-ma-waya-ta-tan) 3355 6th Avenue, Regina.

Please e-mail Katherine to confirm and let her know your Paratransit details.

As part of the South Saskatchewan Community Foundation 50th anniversary year celebrations, they are launching a program – 50 Vital Community Conversations – to get to the heart and listen to what matters in your community and how we can help to make a difference. Astonished! is pleased to be hosting one of the South Saskatchewan Community Foundation’s 50 Vital Community Conversations on Tuesday, April 16th from 1:00-4:00 at the University of Regina. If you are interested in participating please e-mail Bonnie-Cummings Vickaryous by April 6, 2019.
Chelsea Jones, Serena, Avery Ottenbreit


The VOICE Lab - Vocally Oriented Investigations in Creative Expression - is a studio space opened in 2019 where people with disabilities can think about and develop methods of creative self expression while having the support of people and technology.

The project is a partnership between the Faculty of Media, Art, and Performance (MAP); the Faculty of Social Work; and Astonished! Inc.

As we imagine soundscapes, beat creation, podcasts, and so much more in our future, we believe the VOICE Lab will make a significant contribution to the art and culture knowledge that is created by people with disAbilities. Dr. Chelsea Temple Jones is the post-doctoral researcher working with this project. To learn more...

Astonished! is please to participate in the Abilities Resource Fair April 11, 1-4. 1069 14th Ave E, Regina. All ages and abilities are welcome to join us for an afternoon of free breakout sessions, informational booths, and an abilities equipment exchange.
Alix Norum and Kaitlyn Hoar
Summer Literacy Team

Summer Literacy 2019

Astonished! Summer Literacy 7 will begin on July 3rd, 2019 and run from 1:00- 4:00 on consecutive Wednesday’s and Thursday’s until August 22nd. The program is based on the strengths, dreams, and needs of participants. It includes expanding reading and comprehension skills, new technology and social media, numeracy, and exploring literacy skills around the city. If you are an Astonished! Core Member interested in the Summer Literacy program please complete the Expression of Interest, and return to Katherine Taylor by April 7, 2019.
Jenna Petrowsky and Rebekah Lindenbach


With the support of the Astonished! community and friends, each Astonished! Student Researcher creates a unique path, a plan for their short- and long-term futures. In early February Rebekah Lindenbach gathered her friends and family and created a 2019 path that includes; teaching Yoga for Every Body, hosting  her annual Broyhill Bash, and transitioning to her new city-home at Prairie Spruce Commons Cohousing
80% of our annual budget comes from generous donors like you. Your donations bring our innovative social inclusion to life. You can donate though our safe, secure online page at Canada Helps, simply click  Donate Now.
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