I want you to know about a very talented guy who has really done amazing
I want you to know about a very talented guy who has really done amazing
Ed Solis, Hero in 2021
... bringing us back after COVID
Hey, James, I want you to know about a very talented City employee who has really done an amazing job in 2021. During COVID, Ed Solis had been forced to shut down key parts of his special events operation for almost 2 years. He lost most of his Viva CalleSJ crew. And yet, through hard work, brilliant planning and exemplary leadership, he produced the best Viva CalleSJ ever!
James Reber, Executive Director, San Jose Parks Foundation

Ed Solis - Viva CalleSJ Visionary

No one in City Hall is more excitied about his or her job than Ed Solis. He has been with Parks Recreation & Neighborhood Services (PRNS) for a few decades. Ed attended a workshop in Mexico several years ago, led by international Open Streets Movement Leader, Gil Peñalosa. Representatives from 26 cities attended, but only Ed Solis returned to hiome to create an "Open Streets" event - Viva CalleSJ.
Viva CalleSJ is now the largest civic event in San Jose and one of the largest in Northern California, embracing the idea of streets being for people, not cars, for at least several hours a few times a year. After being shut down by COVID, Ed Solis led two events in 2021 – in September and November. The response was an outpouring of families filling the streets, creating a "huge park" for several hours and allowing people to enjoy their community without cars interrupting them. He did it with essentially an entirely new team, proving that his leadership skills are truly exceptional. Look for two more Viva CalleSJ events in 2022.  
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The Viva CalleSJ Staff Team

Leadership is Key Beacuse Viva CalleSJ is a Team Effort

The adjacent photo shows the Viva CalleSJ Team of PRNS staff who worked to create the November 7 event. Safety, mobility, access and making it fun are all a part of the planning and execution of an event of this kind. These people are great and deserve our gratitude. Thank you!
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