I do believe that homeownership is still the American Dream. But it is more difficult to realize this dream in today's culture. I remember my grandparents saving for things they wanted, but didn't necessarily need. They didn't use credit for 'unimportant' things. This is why their credit scores were in the high 700s although they made substantially less money than many. Do you want a house or need a home? Needs are usually met, because we are willing to make the sacrifice.
My Call to Action is the same this month as last month. Did you do it?
Take the time right now to do "this" if you haven't in the last 12 months: Go to annualcreditreport.com. If you need assistance, "then" pre-qualify yourself to determine if I can help you. If you have obtained your reports, act now. Whatever is holding you back (other than not qualifying), release it and move forward! You may not be able to qualify in June 2016, but June 2017 or sooner is totally achievable for many. "A year from now you may wish you had started today." Karen Lamb

"...you're an amazing brilliant woman who's providing tips and ways to change your thinking." Twitter Follower
Yes, TODAY, June 2nd is my 54th Anniversary!
I am in gratitude to celebrate another year and blessed with wonderful friends and family. 
Click on the image if you are ready to begin today; pre-qualify yourself if you are not sure. If you don't qualify, still email me to see how I can assist you. :)
7th Annual Business Technology Expo 
Sunday, September 25, 2016
With over 3 months remaing before the event, we have sold a third of our tickets (50)!
If you are a vendor that uses technology in their business
(websites, apps, etc, i.e., how are you better than your competition via technology),
there are still a few days left to participate. 
Your business logo will be marketed during the summer via 2500 postcards and
your ad via social media marketing to 10,000+ impressions.
We are expecting 100+ business owners.
Contact me ASAP for more details (215-350-2483).
The call is tonight! Wish me Happy Birthday too!!
We are a sorority of Women in Business with the intention to work together to grow ourselves personally and in business to affect change in our communities.
"If it wasn't for Cohort 10 and accountability I would have hit some roadblocks and stopped. Sure I would have tried to get it done, but I would have been scattered and missed the important things. In my year of systems, I feel a sense of accomplishment." 
Cymande Lewis, Owner of Cynful Bliss, 2016 Graduate
Contact me today to assist you with any savings, budgeting and/or credit needs.
To learn more about TCW (Testimonials and first TV appearance) or Calling All Female Entrepreneurs (CAFE) click on the links below.

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