Generative Communication


Exciting things have been happening.

I’ve been developing a new concept—Generative Communication—that’s at the heart of sustainability leadership and so much more!

Human communication, broadly understood, is a co-creative process that brings to life the realities we experience—constructive, destructive and everything in between. Generative Communication is a particular way of thinking about our interactions within ourselves, and with the people and circumstances we encounter every day. It requires keen awareness, ingenuity, flexibility, courage, and a willingness to dance with the rhythms of change!
Writing about generative communication and the many layers of human interaction it represents—not to mention the power it gives us to co-create the realities we long for—has become my calling. My intention is to cut through all the theories underneath it and get straight to the point in everyday language: How we communicate matters!

A forthcoming book about generative communication is in the works. In the meantime, I’m posting a few short articles to introduce the idea. Here’s a sampling.

A New Approach to our Everyday Interactions: Generative Communication 

Communicating. It’s kind of like breathing. We do it every day without thinking much about it, yet we couldn’t last long without it. We interact with the people and world around us for our most basic needs...
Let's keep the conversation going. I look forward to generating new thinking together!

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