The Essential Collection
The Essential Collection
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Namaste friends
It is with great pleasure I introduce this new album to you.
It arose very organically, during the early days of lockdown when Deva and I were 'stranded' in Costa Rica.

We'd landed in paradise and couldn't get out, even if we'd wanted to.  Days turned into weeks and weeks into months.  Time drifted by and we settled into our friend's jungle home and the 'beach life'.

With no touring schedule, this collection of mantras was born beneath the endless blue skies of Costa Rica. 

It was simply my personal playlist during those strange days - my go-to in an intense time of unrest and separation.  When the thought arose to share it with you, it became a album.

When Deva sings, still, after all these years, my soul listens...and smiles.

So, here it is. I hope you can make some space in your busy life to join me, sit down, get comfortable, put on your headphones, close your eyes and let's step together into the deep and transcendent world of our beloved Deva.

Let her beautiful voice carry us deep into the very essential.





deva essential collection

We are celebrating 22-years of beautiful music with the release of The Essential Collection 1998-2020, a three-disc compilation, lovingly and expertly curated by Miten. This transcendent compilation spans Deva’s entire recording life, from her debut solo album The Essence, all the way through to her 2020 Grammy-nominated album DEVA.

Scroll down to see a video clip of Deva singing Keshava Madhava.

Stream or purchase The Essential Collection:

Gayatri sangha Community

Our Gayatri Sangha is growing like a flower and we love having a garden to share with our friends. If you haven't joined yet, we invite you to come into the BuddhaField - our 'omline ashram" and share quality time with us. 

In addition to the weekly online OM/Gayatri meditation, there are many events scheduled for the month:

November 7th - Community Meditation Exercises and Sharing
November 17th - Ecstatic Dance Party with Manose

November 25th - Quality time with Deva - Q&A session (and more)

If cost is an issue for you, just respond to this email and you will be gifted a subscription free of charge. As Miten's song says, All is Welcome Here.

Some of the wonderful feedback we have been receiving:

"I love it. It´s like Home. A Magical Pocket where you can find everything you need and always in the right order. I appreciate the hard work that has implied. The beautiful and useful design makes it an easy, enjoyable experience." 

"I am so excited to be connected with this community. I look forward to my time with you all daily! When I can look for the positives in all situations I can know peace. The pandemic brought us all together through a desire for peace and harmony. I feel hope for this world when I gather with friends like you. "

"So beautiful to connect with this community as we find our own way of navigating the ‘new normal’. With the Gayatri as a foundation and this amazing collection of like-minded souls...feeling blessed beyond words"

Join us

A Special Weekend of chant and celebration at blue spirit

Come and join us for a special weekend at the Blue Spirit Resort in Costa Rica: Nov 13-16.

The borders are open and Blue Spirit is offering great deals for weekly and even monthly sojourns.  
So come, refresh, rejuvenate and recharge.

We all deserve a break and to come together in sacred community is the perfect antidote in these uncertain times.

Join with kindred spirits - dive into the music and the chanting, take long walks on the beautiful beach with new friends, enjoy great food and pristine accommodation.

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