Welcome Aboard our Winter  Edition of Ebb & Flow!  
We hope you had a wonderful holiday season and your new year is off to a great start. Here are a few of our highlights from 2016.  We're looking forward to more good things to come in 2017.
2016 Highlights
The Bond Between Boaters Makes a Full Circle
In October, Damon Hostetter helped his friend and client, Ted McElhinny sail his newly purchased 38' Shannon from Maine to Oxford, Maryland. While this is the first time the vessel will officially be in Ted's name, it won't be Ted's first voyage aboard the boat that he has named "Full Circle."  Ted's father was the original owner in 1982 and after the transfer of ownership to two other boaters, the connection between these boating families has finally returned the boat to its original home. Click to read the full story.
Is that Morgan?
It sure is!  During the winter months, our agent, Morgan Wells has a rough commute...of course as a lifelong surfer, the bigger the waves, the better. Morgan works from his Costa Rica home office on the Pacific coast of the Nicoya Peninsula for several weeks at a time through the winter. He's there doing business as usual, so if you're in the area or you have any questions for him, give him a call at 443-433-5723 or email him at morgan.wells@jackmartin.com.  
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Knotical Corner
The Icicle Hitch is used when force is applied parallel to a post or pole in only one direction. It is relatively easy to tie and can be used over a bar or at the end of a pole.  The Icicle Hitch grips a smooth surface so well that it even works on a tapered surface, hence its name.  Need a quick tutorial?  Watch this demonstration.
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Family Fun on the Water
A weekend on the water offers an opportunity to experience the great outdoors by sea and reconnect with your family, but a boat trip with children and unexperienced relatives can quickly turn into a not so pleasant experience if you aren't properly prepared. Check out this article from Cruising World magazine to increase the likelihood of a successful trip.
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