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“Laura, Here is May's Future U. The August edition is ready to go as well. You can find it in MyEmma. I'm currently working on the June edition. It's a special graduation edition. Hope to have it to you by Monday... maybe by later today if I'm lucky. ”

May • 2016
Leadership For Future HEalth Professionals
TeamHOSA is an e-Guide filled with activities, chapter ideas, helpful hints, and valuable tools that will set you up to facilitate the best possible HOSA experience this year. 

7 Ways To Not-Know Like A Leader
Lost credibility, limited influence, persistent ignorance, and lost opportunities are a few the symptoms of being a know-it-all. This article provides helpful tips on how to lead well when you do not have all the answers. Read more...
Running For Office? 6 Tips To Help You Stand Out From The Crowd
Whether you have your eyes on a local, state or national position, running for elected office can be an intimidating process.  Here are six tips to help separate you from the other candidates. Ream more...
HOSA Traditions Build Lasting Legacies
ingraining tradition can be an effective way to ignite enthusiasm and create a HOSA legacy. The end of the school year lends itself to reflection and is a great place to start chronicling your chapter’s HOSA memories. Here are a handful of ways to get started.
Gene Editing Can Now Change an Entore Spicies - Forever
CRISPR gene drives allow scientists to change sequences of DNA and guarantee that the resulting edited genetic trait is inherited by future generations, opening up the possibility of altering entire species forever. More than anything, the technology has led to questions: How will this new power affect humanity? What are we going to use it to change? Watch now...
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