All PSA members (and spouses) are invited.
All PSA members (and spouses) are invited.
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Jackie Steimke
June 19, 1939 - May 5, 2021

Saturday June 5th beginning at 2:00 pm
366 Brockmont Drive, Glendale, CA 91202

Please park at the intersection of Brockmont & Cumberland
A shuttle will take you to the event.

Wear something 'Jackie bright' !!

Hosted by Bill Steimke and Family
Numerous works of Jackie’s fine art will be available for acquisition,
with all proceeds going to USC Keck Medical Center.

Because of you, Jackie Steimke, I learned to appreciate art in a deeper fashion: spontaneity, love of bright color and light.

Jackie and I became close friends through PSA and in our close communities. We partied at home, danced and acted silly. We enjoyed meeting for coffee frequently in Paris (at the French Bakery in Kenneth Village). Barbara Thorn, Jackie and I enjoyed many Happy Hours through texting during the pandemic. We learned more about each other’s family history, objectives in art and in health. We even had a few driveway Happy Hours with our masks on.

Jackie wanted so much to travel again, as she struggled with lung cancer, chemo, transfusions and hospital visits. During her last year, she explored acrylic pours while Bill continued his love of creating embedded glass covered planters. Jackie was full of life and always willing to help others through her love of life and art. It has been a great pleasure knowing her, being on the PSA Board together, planning programs and more. She was a big support to me through my time in the hospital for carotid surgery, and during recovery. In turn I helped her last summer with adjunctive visualization exercises during her nauseating days of chemo.

I will always miss her, however I am so glad I have numerous pieces of her art glass. David and I appreciated our last visit with her 3 weeks before she passed.
Thank you Jackie for your love, friendship, and for bringing new colorful light to PSA.  ...Vic Picou
My husband, Robert Kutner, is a member of PSA and it is thru this association that I met Jackie. We connected immediately which is a rare but wonderful occurrence for me. Over the years we stayed connected through texts, lunches, visits, summer picnics in the park, and of courses parties. Jackie had such a BIG heart, so much energy and she lived life to the fullest. I will miss my dear friend so much but I have several of her beautiful glass art pieces that will keep her memory alive in my home. I feel blessed that she was part of my life.  ...Jan Reddington
Reflecting on this fun, funny, kind and generous hearted woman, I'm reminded of how we met. Many years ago, I received a phone call from a woman I didn't know who'd seen my website and was interested in finding out who'd taken the photos of my work. Although I'd taken my own pics, I referred this woman, Jackie, to Bruce Burr who did take photos of her growing inventory of glass art and we all got to know each other and connect, with Jackie joining PSA and doing art shows together. I'm so sad to lose this bright light in our lives! Jackie was one of the most positive, down to earth, kind and honest people I've known and I will miss her always. We talked of getting together after everything had calmed down after the pandemic but obviously, that's not to be. I'm so happy to have known her and am glad she knew I loved her.    Hugs, my friend!   ..... Robin Cohen
What Jackie Steimke meant to me!
I met Jackie about 7 years ago. I finally got to know her in the past two years. What a vibrant & loving person she was.  Not only was she generous with her art, she made me two dresses & was always ready to party.   She had more energy  than anyone I have ever known.  I have four pieces of her glass art in my home which will always keep her memory alive in my heart💟  ...Barbara Thorn
I didn't know Jackie well, only to say hello at events.  However, she was a lovely lady and talented with her fused glass art.  I feel fortunate to have won one of her pieces at the 90th Anniversary Celebration luncheon.  She was a mainstay of PSA and will be greatly missed.   ... Kathleen Swaydan
Jackie was a shining light - a fireball of energy, enthusiasm and good will - always smiling and laughing and fun to be around.  She was generous with her time, her level-headed advice and her friendship.  I will miss her infectious smile, her joyous spirit and her friendship.    ...Rhonda Raulston 

All artwork is from Jackie Steimke's collection.  The artist's estate reserves all rights.

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